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Windows 10 Pro, build 1803, screen blinking after microsoft ID account login - multiple computersRecently the screens started flashing on my primary computer. In task manager, I could see windows explorer going into suspend mode and then back to normal. Happens a little faster than once per second. System entirely unresponsive except in safe mode (where it works fine)After numerous attempts following all the suggestions on this site, I bought another mini pc and installed windows on it. Shortly after, it started to blink. I went to another computer in my home and logged in (using my microsoft account) and after a while it started to blink.I've isolated the problem to my microsoft id. With any other account it all works fine (all 3 computers).

Because the problem starts on any computer I log in to, I don't believe there is anything wrong with my computer, but rather something attached to my profile in my microsoft ID that loads when I log in.I'd rather not create a new id and reinstall every program on every computer I own - so is there away to cleanup the information (corruption?) associated with a microsoft ID?

I have two PC's. Can I install Windows 10 on more than one PC, as along as I do not use both PCs at the same time? In other words, one of the two PCs will be powered off completely. Mark in Bellevue WA. Many people have Windows 10 on multiple devices. Yes you can install W10 on every. Option 1 - Modifying termsrv.dll. To have concurrent user sessions working in Windows 10, you need to make small changes to termsrv.dll file. This file is located in C: Windows System32 folder. Before modifying termsrv.dll for the first time, you need to take ownership and assign yourself full permissions. You also need to stop Remote Desktop service (TermService) if it's running.

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I've been doing some Googling but I can't seem to find a satisfactory solution on this.After the 29th, I'd like to install Windows 10 on every computer at our small business's office (around 10 computers), so I'd like to get a Volume License if possible.I should make it very clear that NONE of the computers are valid for the 'free upgrade' offer, none of them have any previous genuine copies of Windows 7 or 8. I'm looking to buy a brand new Volume License here, but I can't seem to find who to buy it from.I'd prefer not to buy a Volume License for 8.1 and THEN upgrade, but even if I do that, the Volume Licensing page on is very confusing, I don't really want to ring up a sales person, is there not a web page where I can just type in my credit card and buy it? You have to buy the volume licensing through a third party and for your business it will typically cost you about 75-150% more than buying the same number of OEM licenses!Win 10 Home OEM is £77 inc. VAT.Win 10 Pro OEM is £110 inc. VAT.The OEM versions are the same as full retail.The terms of the license differs in that you are not supposed to install on your personal PC, but can put it on someone else's.i.e. I could 'legally' put them on your PCs; which I am happy to do for nothing, if that's what you want to say.I suggest you go this route.