Where Is Rivet City

New merchants have come to settle in Rivet City bringing with them their exotic wares. A new section of the Ship has been opened giving shelter to the new settlers that has sought refuge in Rivet City. The Rivet City council has approved the construction of two additional housing on the flight deck, a barracks for the esteemed Rivet City Special Action Force and to give a mysterious merchant his own green patch on the wasteland. The new merchants have their small backstory for the player to uncover. Throughout the ship are 6 unique collectibles scattered for the player to find. The Rivet City council and all their wisdom had approved the budget for hiring more mechanics and cleaners to make the ship as clean and livable as possible, making it the most developed and scientifically advance settlement in the wasteland.

The bridge to Rivet City will extend, and you’ll be cooly greeted by Harkness on the other side. When you’re done talking, head through the door leading to the stairway. You can buy pretty much anything in the Rivet City Market.

So expect a clean and more organized Rivet City. The council also hired additional security to patrol the areas of the ship, making Rivet City the most safest place on the wasteland. They have also opened up a section of the ship and retrofired it as an luxury apartment for the player to buy, the apartment holds many containers and vintage equipment such as the Robco Sorter which sorts all the vanilla items and put them on appropriate containers.

Rivet City's Security personnel has been given new uniforms, head wears, eye wears, armors and weapons.

Where Is Ted Strayer In Rivet City

Where Is Rivet City

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Where Is River City

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