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In the eventuality that you are looking for state-of-the-art plugins to help you post-processing the audio tracks you are working one, then one place worth checking out is Waves Audio. With a portfolio of almost 200 plugins, you are likely to find the perfect tool to help you with reverbs, noise reduction, equalization, sound compression, so on and so forth.Given the sheer number of audio tools available, having a utility to help you keep track of all of them can surely simplify your work as an artist or producer. Waves Central is the dedicated app that enables you to install and manage the licenses of the Waves software products. Provides you with several types of install optionsGiven the nature of the application, it goes without saying that you should register an account first.

Following a swift and uneventful installation, you can log in and preview all the available bundles, plugins as well as the products that you already own.The tool offers a few installation options that can come in handy, depending on the type of product you are looking for. Therefore, you can prepare an offline installer for another machine or conveniently install and activate the license on the computer you are currently using. Enables you to manage the licenses more convenientlyA further noteworthy feature of the tool is the License menu particularly since it allows you to deactivate and activate products from one PC to another. In fact, by accessing the Manage License option you can move them between computers, active them on several devices or in the cloud.At the same time, the utility comes with a feature that allows you to recover the licenses that are lost, stolen or from damaged hard drives and USB memory sticks.

Alternatively, you can get an overview of the local licenses for all connected devices. A reliable tool to help you better manage Waves software productsWhether you need to handle dozens of plugins and make sure that they are updated to their latest version or you need a simple way to handle the product licenses as you are using several computers and devices, Waves Central can come in handy.