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I find myself gravitating towards my type cover more than I expected before buying a surface RT. This is for 2 reasons: 1) I got it used and the previous owner sent me a semi-dirty white touch cover 2) I use my surface RT as a regular laptop MUCH more than I thought I would. I find both to be great though. Apr 29, 2019  Unplug your Surface and detach the Type Cover. Wet a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol. (Use 95% or stronger isopropyl alcohol if possible.) Rub the cotton swab back and forth over the six circular magnets on the Type Cover connector. New Listing Microsoft Surface Type Cover 2 For RT, RT 2, Pro 1, Pro 2 Keyboard - Purple 1561.

If this information is incorrect, please email us before leaving negative feedback. We will make every attempt possible to resolve the issue if we made a mistake.(It happens). How to Shop for Surface RT Keyboards and CoversIn 2012, Microsoft released the Surface RT, a hybrid device that could function as a tablet or a laptop. This tablet had several unique features, like its folding kickstand and the Windows RT interface.

While Microsoft eventually discontinued this product, current Surface RT users can still find compatible keyboards, cases, and other accessories on eBay. What distinguishes the Type Cover from the Touch Cover?When Microsoft first released the Surface RT, users had two cover options: the Type Cover and the Touch Cover.

Both cover types attach to the Surface RT via magnetic connectors, and they both function as Surface RT keyboards. Differences include:. Touch Cover - While the Touch Cover functions as a keyboard, it is thin, lightweight, and offers no feedback. It has a standard keyboard layout and a small trackpad, but typing on this flat surface is more like typing on a smartphone than on a standard keyboard. Type Cover - The Type Cover simulates a traditional keyboard experience. It's equipped with mechanical keys, which provide tactile feedback when you press them.

Microsoft Type Cover For Surface Rt

To offer mechanical keyboard functionality, this cover is thicker than the Touch Cover.What other features do these covers have?These covers double as keyboards and protective cases.