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Note on Ragnarok Expansion Update: Characters who finished the challenge prior to the Expansion release will be updated on how they perform in the new content under the same xMax rules. This is a Work in Progress (WiP) GuideIntroduction:Hi guys, gasconron here.

  1. For its 10 year anniversary, Titan Quest will shine in new splendour. This Anniversary Edition combines both Titan Quest and Titan Quest Immortal Throne in one game, and has been given a massive overhaul for the ultimate ARPG experience. Anniversary Edition update. Discover the Courage that Turns Heroes Into Legends.
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I’m an avid RPG game-fan that mostly spent most of my time on Diablo-clone type RPG’s (Hack & Slash ARPG). With that said I now consider Titan Quest, as my number one favorite Diablo Clone surpassing my total play time in Diablo 2 and Sacred 2 (approx 7,000-9,000 hours (12 years) pre-anniversary, and close to 2,300+ hours for the AE) both of which I also played extensively over the years. My dedication to the game has been mostly fueled by my participation in the game’s previous official forums; predominantly in the Challenges - section, where avid players of the game test how far they can go in clearing the game with specific handicaps. What I consider to “specialize” in is the xMax Hardcore Challenge.I would like to share my experiences with you guys in attempting to complete this challenge for every profession. For the most part, newer players can use this as reference to get the Hardcore Achievement for all 3 difficulties, without resorting to using God Tier professions to finish the challenge.Below are the conditions I set for myself personally, most of which adheres to the original challenge conditions in the original forums:.

Completion - 0 deaths from start to finish playing only in xMax mod on Anniversary Edition. Completion - 100% completion including mapping, sidequests, and all secret bosses. Secret Passage is mandatory in Legendary. Kill Count - must finish the challenge with at least 150,000 kills; with at least 50k in Legendary, to prevent bloating in Normal where kills are easier (50,000 if pet build).

Titan Quest- Atlantis Patch Notes Anniversary Edition - General discussion Bumbleguppy 21 June 2019, 22:54:34 TQVault - AE, Ragnarok & Atlantis support Installation and Tools undefind 21 June 2019, 22:40:23 Titan Quest - Titanomachy Mod ( Development ) New Projects sauruz.

Non-Purist - Needless to say I will be twinked and armed to the teeth from the moment I start the challenge (snowball) till I get to fulfill my level requirement to equip my end-game gear. Multiplayer-LAN - for playing Hardcore in any Diablo Clone RPG, it’s always tempting to hit that “Esc” or “Space” key, whenever things go south for you. I had this same problem during my early pre-Anniversary challenge attempts, and it kinda made my soul die every time I resorted to doing it. Finishing the challenge, knowing that you resorted to this also doesn’t feel too good inside, so this was my personal solution to this dilemma.

Gear Variety - I don’t like my all characters using the same gear. Unfortunately, some are just more godly than others. Which is why in my runs, I TRY to vary my choices; usually using less stellar gear on professions I consider God-tier, while I use all the “bling-blings” on professions or build paths I feel is underpowered or has very little synergy. It balances out in the end. Solo - This is already a given, it wouldn’t be a challenge if you ask for assistance from a friend to get you out of that zone that you know can get you killed.Should you attempt to play this challenge as well, I highly suggest to take note of the following:Defiler Mods are Now Unavailable - Back when people played this challenge in pre-Anniversary, it was easier to play untwinked due to the consensus of allowing challengers to tweak their drop settings to a more “reasonable rate” via Defiler.


With Chests modded to have 2-3x increased drops and x3-5 increased chance to drop Epic and Legendary, and the ability to filter out broken and white item drops, which indirectly increased the chances of Monster Infrequents. This shaved off 100s if not 1000s of hours worth of farming to build up a reasonably large collection of gear that you can spread out amongst your characters. Unfortunately, the current state of the available Defiler has these mods disabled for Anniversary Edition, which is a shame because there were so many built in mods in Defiler that made gameplay convenient (stacking potions & scrolls, freeze time of day, disable Zeus speech, show damage, show pet damage).Gear Matters, Have It Ready - If you are an old-time player chances are you already have a large library of gear ready for use. However, if you are a relatively new player it’ll be very hard to play this challenge right off the bat. As with any Diablo Clone RPGs, it will always be a numbers game.

Stats especially pertaining to your resists and defenses matter a lot if you are going to play this game hardcore. Given that Stat buffs were globally given to monsters and bosses and resist nerfs were imposed on the player, this becomes even more of an issue.

I highly recommend newer players to farm out gear in the pre-anniversary game (where it is easier to gear farm and Defiler is available for drop chance modification) and export their gear.Patience - You need to have a lot of it. Even the best people die regardless of skill and game knowledge, I have completed this challenge around 17x pre-Anniversary before resetting for Anniversary Edition, but I tend to die with lower-tier professions and pet builds. I remember dying 6-7 times on Soothsayer before finally clearing the challenge. Losing a character with 4 game time days invested in it already is indeed frustrating, but that never stopped me from trying again.TQ + Gaming Abbreviation and Terms ListNote: I will be using these terms extensively in this “guide” compilation. Hardcore Run Class: ConquerorMy primary character and flagship profession. It’s easy to build, brain-dead to play, and very strong.

Hardcore Run Class: ElementalistThe profession I consider my main alternate. Holds sentimental value to me being the first Squishy toon I managed to complete the challenge with. Hardcore Run Class: DivinerBuild Concept & Source of Damage:Vita-Ternion Spammer w/ CC casterTernion, Distort Reality, Distortion Wave, Trance of Wrath, Pets, Massive Vita Resist ReductionPersonal Class+Build Tier Rating: 4 out of 5; Very StrongDifficulty Rating:Early Game till Late(1-7x): 2.5 out of 5 Early GameNormal to Legendary Finish: 2 Days, 23 Hours, 41 MinutesKills: 150,213Level Finished: 64Class Notes:. I highly advise to reach the minimal INT breakpoint of 800; like the old Ternion+Harrowing Diviner, this class does not require high levels of INT to be effective. The rest of your stat focus should be diverted to upping your DA, HP and resists.

Dumping future attribute points into DEX or HP might not be a bad call. While most consider caster Diviners as heavily nerfed due to the universal life reduction resist buffs on bosses. It can still function with relative ease using Vita damage staffs due to it's class's tool kit. Early game levelling is still fast due to Dream being very strong.

With the right twinking items, you should be able to up your Electric Burn damage to levels when you can walk + one-shot through packs with Trance of Wrath (ToW) on. Nerf on Electric Burn Damage (EBD) starts to kick in around late Normal Act 4, but by then you should be at a level were in your speed clear is no longer dependent on ToW. There is very little threat to you in exploration, you just need to control the amount of range enemies your are engaging. Hardcore Run Class: HaruspexThis class needs no introduction to Hardcore runs. It is probably the most OP class in the game. I don't even know why I'm making this passage for this class.Build Concept & Source of Damage:- Bow/Spear-spex- Ranged and MeleePersonal Class+Build Tier Rating: 5 out of 5; God-Tier (cookie-cutter)Difficulty Rating:'What's difficult?' Hardcore Run Class: DreamkillerWhen played normally, this class can be a strong melee character that has access to HIGH one-hit kill skill.

When used in congruence with a sword or spear combined, with Dream Mastery's defensive options as well as it synergy with Rogue mastery in crowd controlling packs of mobs, this class is no slouch when it comes to Hardcore challenges and is definitely a viable pick. However, I chose to play as a DoT toon, using mainly poison. I was inspired to build this back in TQ:IT, when the general consensus was that poison sucked. Of course, since I was out to prove that everything and anything can work in this game, what better way to prove it than running it Hardcore on xMax.Build Concept & Source of Damage:- Poisonmancer, DoT melee w/ CC (lot's of it)- Lethal Strike, Phantasmal StrikePersonal Class+Build Tier Rating: 2.5 out of 5; viableDifficulty Rating:Early Game (1-50): 1 out of 5 Early GameLate Game (50-65): 4 out of 5 Late GameNormal to Legendary Finish: 4 days, 8 hours, 51 minutesKills: 150,354Level Finished: 66Class Notes:.

You are a Crowd Control God. Has very strong kiting tools, allowing for you to minimize incoming threats/damage. In my case, I used this strength to synergize with the fact that my damage is dependent on DoT. CC'ing enemies who have degening life bars. Being a Rouge based profession, you can optimize your damage by going Sword or Spear. Thus, you should be looking in 2:1 DEX/STR stat distribution. This benefits you overall by giving you higher OA and DA ratings, as well as increased Pierce and poison damage.

Like most Dream based professions, you will start out strong and have fast character progression. For the Poisonmancer build I used though, since no points are allocated to INT you will lose speedclear momentum by Act 3. From there you can re-focus to poison based damage and stack it with ToW damage. While most people would opt to go for a Brigand when doing a DoT Poisonmancer to stack Bleed and Poison and fully take advantage of the massive DoT bonuses and modifiers, I picked Dream as a supplementary class for the survivability it provides with its defensive passives and crowd control abilities. The class also has a built in RR shred in his skill kit via ToW.

Hardcore Run Class: EvokerThe perfect class to build an auramancer on. Has a very strong early game and has a serviceable enough performance in the late-game. Hardcore Run Class: SoothsayerConsidered by most to be one of the stronger Petmancers available in-game. It's synergy fits well when boosting your pets with Vita-damage becase of the built in RR shred aura Necrosis provides.Build Concept & Source of Damage:Petmancer & Support ClassWolves, Lich, Outsider Nymph & Deathchill Aura treePersonal Class+Build Tier Rating: 1 out of 5; Very Weak (in xMax)Difficulty Rating:Early Game (1-45): 5 out of 5 Early GameLate Game (45-65): 5 out of 5 Late GameNormal to Legendary Finish: 7 Days, 5 Hours, 13 MinutesKills: 50,292Level Finished: 67Class Notes:.

Just to get this straight. This class is not weak at all, like I mentioned this is one of the stronger petmancers available in-game. It's just that xMax in general is not friendly for petmancer builds. In Pre-anniversary it was already hard to use a petmancer for a xmax hardcore run, with all the monster buffs, nerf on life reduction and nerf on overall resists this class suffers big in AE xMax. When running a petmancer the ultimate decision is whether you will play as full support or will you be a hyrbid damage dealer with your pets just there for distraction. If you opt for pure petmancy, you will find yourself facing various issues:. Pet wiping; a petless petmancer is an ineffective, and most of the time, a dead one.

There are abundant situations in-game on Legendary where this could happen; whether it be overagro, high boss damage/sustain, or Boss AoE skills that will wipe your crew. Since you will be in the fray a lot you need to be able to take hits much better than your usual caster/ranged toon.which leads us to our first dilemma:. Do you go tanky or low cooldown? -this question leads to another problem:. Stat optimization (survivability is usually addressed by STR items and CD is usually INT items, and because you need to spread yourself thin between the 2, you will lack the DEX to achieve a respectable DA rating; on top of that you need Resistances and +Skills to be effective) -this leads to another issue, which is:. Dependence on gear stat buffing/req debuffing. This means being spread thin for most of the game until you have enough stats o equip your items.

This also means you will be in your end-game equipment much later than most characters who just wait for the level requirements. This also means there is almost no flexibility in character progression. Tight stat distribution means that a f#%! Up in stat distribution early game will cause a huge delay in achieving End-Game status. Slow progress and slow levelling unless you opt to go early Ternion and be a full fledged petmancer in Epic.


Otherwise, pet-pulling tactics is slow and tedious. Since you are 'guess-timating most of the time, it's not even a guarantee that you will get your desired results. End-game XP farming takes forever. Usual XP boss farms like Hydra, Typhon & Dragon Liche are out of the question due to their potent Pet Wiping abilities and dangers they pose to your hardcore run. As for mob clearing, it's already a chore to clean a map full of critters on a petmancer, having to do it multiple times just makes you vommit.

Very hard to play in xMax with out the 'Show Agro' mod. The key to playing petmancers effectively is agro control. Pleased to see you doing this gasconron. Sure it will be a great help to those wanting to try the Xmax HC challenge. I too chose Conqueror as my first toon, the first time because it seemed to be the strongest class, I was totally new to the genre and needed all the help I could get. I died lots of times (60+) iirc, but it was the first toon I got through to the end of the game. Played it again as my first toon when I got a new PC and move the game on to that.One suggestion though - lose the yellow text.

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It's unreadable against the forum background. My eyesight's not 100% (I wear glasses), but all I see is a blur of yellow so no idea what stuff you're suggesting to look out for.Since you're posting details of when your toons completed the Xmax HC challenge I'll add them to the new leaderboard.

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Are these all new toons you started in the AE version or are some older IT ones? Let me know so I can mark them up if needed on the leaderboard. :No need to add; these are re-runs and for the most part just for my own satisfaction. I just wanted to see if i am still able to do them with the new buffed monsters and nerfed cap and res values of AE.

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Last thing i want to do is clutter LB for newer players; will be doing my own thing for now. Will rejoin the challenge soon enough using other classes I haven't used before or old classes I'm convinced can't finish the challenge using the same concept I used originally.As for the yellow tagging, sorry just wanted it to match the labelling system of TQ. It does hurt the eyes doesn't it? Well, I don't think it would hurt to give new players some examples, but I can link to this thread in the opening Xmax HC one and they can see for themselves.It wasn't so much hurting my eyes, just that I couldn't make out what the words were supposed to be. It was just a blur of yellow something - couldn't even say for sure they were letters. I thought you were trying to match the ingame colour coding, but unfortunately that simply didn't work. The orange is much better and I can read what you're actually talking about!