Tiesto Wow Zippyshare

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Tiesto – GrapevineWe are losing our MINDS. Friday is always the best day for music releases. The legend Tiesto finally released the banger we have been hearing at every festival. First played at this past March, this one has been included in every set of his since. “Grapevine” will get you grooving right from the beginning. It doesn’t waste any time getting to the serious bassline.


It has that distinct sound he has featured in some of his other songs this year.This soon-to-be hit is coming off of a ton of other releases by Tiesto this year. There was the rap central track and the pop hit Another big track was “Wow” which was as Big Room as it gets.

Tiesto Wow Zippyshare

Let’s hope Tiesto continues to produce this type of music forever. “Grapevine” has the constant lyrics throughout the song “I’m about to lose my mind.” It is certainly fitting for the song and its drop. Tiesto is still on the road and will be touring throughout the world for the rest of the year.

Tiesto Website

Check out if he will be near you! And you have to check out “Grapevine” below!Check out our official EDMTunes playlist for the freshest tracks - updated weekly!

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Tiesto Wow Zippyshare 1


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