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Once you are sure the wood is completely dry and ready to go, this is where the fun begins. Plan your painting or staining BEFORE you start! Make sure you have all the colours you need because these are going to have to sit for a good couple of days before you can put it all together again.Paint one side of the vanes and lay them on top of the chopsticks so the chop sticks lay at the top and bottom of them. This is going to stop the wood from sticking to the newspaper.As soon as the stain or paint is touch dry, flip them over and paint/stain the other side.It is important when you're painting to keep the layers of paint as thin as possible, or you won't be able to close the fan when you're done. Take that pin from the bottom and put it SLOWLY back through the holes. That wood is fragile and can split really easily if you try and force it through.If you had to damage your pin, you might be able to still use it and just bend over the end with your pliers, or you're going to have to do the same with your pop rivet.If you're bending over your pin with your pliers, you might want to cover the end of it with something so it doesn't scratch you when you use it. A little bit of latex tool dip (aka- PlastiDip)might do the trick.

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Steam Punk Ceiling Fan

Steam Punk Ceiling Fan

Reader was so kind as to recommend a very clever ceiling fan. The is a ceiling fan whose blades retract when not in use. Sort of like a transformer, except for grown ups.I like the idea, both from a 'clever gadget' perspective, but also because it doesn't take up the visual space in a room a traditional ceiling fan does.The other find from Jon? The site he found the Air Shadow on is, which has some of the most fabulous fans I have ever seen.Have you ever wanted multiple ceiling fans belted together, like they have a Dave and Buster's?

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Check out the.Have an extremely high ceiling and want to fill the space to make the room more cozy? I'd say the American is your fan.Perhaps something more evocative of a hovering airship?What fun!

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