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Before Star Trek Legacy was released, people were bored and just couldn't wait for it's end. But when it came out and people binned it, they seemed to be disappointed because of the terrible. Star Trek: Legacy was released in December 2006, intended to coincide with the 40th anniversary of Star Trek only three months earlier. Star Trek: Legacy begins in the year 2159 and ends in 2380, a span of 221 years. Plot summary Edit. In May of 2159, Captain Jonathan Archer and the Enterprise NX-01 save a Vulcan scientist named T'Uerell (β. Star Trek Legacy. Page 2 Captain slog. Previous Dan Whitehead. Senior Contributor, Set phasers to 'dumb' Naturally, this is a considerable problem given that combat makes up at.

Contents SummaryStar Trek: Legacy spans all eras and allows you to play as the and in single player and the, or in multiplayer (as well as the Federation). There are sixty different types of ships available to command, divided across the four playable races. The years that the game takes place in are: , ( 7106.7), (stardate 7489.6) (although is referred to as an admiral instead of captain and he commands the, instead of the refit NCC-1701), (stardate 10372.6), (stardate 45252.6), and (stardate 57327.8).Some of the 'hero' starships (that the main character plays as) include, the original and the. It does also include the (during the Enterprise era) as well as being the first Star Trek game to feature a starship.Star Trek: Legacy was released in, intended to coincide with the of Star Trek only three months earlier.Star Trek: Legacy begins in the year 2159 and ends in 2380, a span of 221 years.Plot summaryIn May of 2159, and the save a named T'Uerell from the. After this, there is a series of missions that Archer is assigned to, and comes to learn that T'Uerell is behind many disasters in the including infecting planets with toxins, destroying a Starfleet facility with crew members on board, and attempting to use toxins to annihilate. This plan is thwarted by Captain Archer and his task force. T'Uerell goes into hiding and is not heard from until the late.One hundred and eleven years later, in, Captain and the, along with a task force, head deep into space to capture an experimental vessel, a.

After Kirk is able to capture the ship with a, he infiltrates Klingon space and finds T'Uerell scheming with the Klingons to once again destroy the Federation with a Klingon beam weapon. The weapon is destroyed, but T'Uerell flees again, much to Kirk's ire. Two years later, in 2272, Admiral Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise thwart T'Uerell's plan to conquer the Federation, and learn that she is working with strange that are assimilating Klingon vessels.

Many ships are destroyed in the resulting conflict. During the attack, thousands of destroy in a three distance.

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Kirk asks Starfleet to develop the. Kirk is disappointed that he did not defeat T'Uerell and concludes his quest.In 2333, Captain of the is monitoring a fight between the Romulans and T'Uerell's ship.

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As she is vastly outgunned and outnumbered, T'Uerell activates a Borg device, which destroys an unpopulated planet and causes large pieces of stellar debris to break off from the and head for the Phidian star system filled with hundreds of millions of people. The resulting shock wave from the planetoid's core hits the Stargazer and Ruhalter is killed.

His first officer, takes command and heads to a starbase. After the ship is somewhat repaired, the Stargazer takes a task force inside the system and destroys many pieces of stellar debris. Later, the task force saves three heavily-populated, Phidian I, II, and III, with the help of modified now armed with, which the task force dragged into orbit. Later, a huge piece of stellar debris breaks off the planetoid and heads for a planet, Phidian III. Picard realizes that he will not be able to break it up with his ship's phasers and, but will be able to destroy it by using the ship's tractor beam to drag other debris into the huge stellar debris (although it is possible to destroy it with the ship's weapons). After obliterating the immense piece of stellar debris, the system is saved from annihilation.

Picard is then promoted to captain and takes command of the Stargazer.Thirty-five years later, in 2368, is taking the newly-completed into a -filled system for its first trial run. Sisko notes that there are warp dampeners all over, which makes use of the ships' impossible.

Shortly after this discovery, the ship unfortunately runs into three Romulan and has to take evasive maneuvers, since she cannot escape at warp. Sisko and his crew are soon captured and are placed at a Romulan starbase while their ship is impounded. Fortunately, the, commanded by Captain Picard, comes to the rescue by beaming an in and setting the Defiant's crew free.

After destroying enough warp dampeners, the Defiant, the Enterprise-D and the task force leave at warp. Sisko records a log entry stating he had seen a Vulcan ship under attack as he and the Enterprise-D fled the system. Sisko files a complaint with. He is told that this is not the first case of a Vulcan ship doing strange things like that. Sisko then says that he plans to discover more about it but admits that it probably 'won't be to (his) liking.' Twelve years later, in 2380 (shortly after the events of ), Picard, along with the and new personnel head into a final confrontation with T'Uerell. T'Uerell's once pristine Vulcan ship is now overrun with Borg technology.

Picard is aided by the help of Admiral and her old starship the. They meet with T'Uerell and learn her true intentions.

She plans to conquer the Alpha Quadrant with the Borg. She believes that everything she has done, including the deaths of many Starfleet personnel have been for the greater good. Picard and Janeway try to convince her otherwise, but she refuses to listen. Janeway leaves the system and tells Picard that '(she) will be back with some friends' and orders Picard to defend Federation colonies from assimilation.

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Picard succeeds and orders that the ship be taken to.T'Uerell and the Borg cubes make their way to and the Deep Space 9 space station. Picard and his task force help to defend the Klingon and Romulan forces, showing how far things have gone in the past 200 years. With the loyalty Picard has garnered, the Romulan and Klingon starships place themselves under his flag. The forces engage T'Uerell and her Borg allies and they are defeated.

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With that, T'Uerell escapes with the Enterprise-E in hot pursuit.After this, T'Uerell flees to a star system with many Borg vessels, with Janeway noting that she will not be able to leave, because of the Trickster String. After destroying a, the Federation/Klingon/Romulan forces, along with the Enterprise-E and its task force engage T'Uerell.

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After destroying the st.