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Contents ● Self-Help ToolsSplunk Integration Guide Integration OverviewThis document describes the steps to integrate Splunk with your WatchGuard Firebox so that the Splunk administrator can view information from syslog messages sent from the Firebox. Platform and SoftwareThe hardware and software used to complete the steps outlined in this document include:. Firebox or WatchGuard XTM device installed with Fireware v12.2.1. Splunk Enterprise 7.1.3 installed on a Windows 10. WatchGuard Firebox Add-on for Splunk Version 1.0. WatchGuard Firebox App for Splunk Version 1.0ConfigurationTo complete this integration, you must first deploy Splunk Enterprise software.For information about how to set up Splunk, see the Splunk Installation Guide.

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Splunk Enterprise License Keygen

This document describes the procedure to configure Splunk Enterprise to listen, receive, and index syslog data from the Firebox. Set Up Your Firebox to Send Syslog Messages to Splunk. Log in to the Fireware Web UI with an administrator account. Select System Logging. Select the Syslog Server tab.

Select the Send log messages to the syslog server at this IP address check box. In the IP Address text box, type the IP address of the server on which Splunk is installed. In this example, we use

In the Port text box, type 514. From the Log format drop-down list, select Syslog. To include the time stamp and serial number, select the The time stamp and The serial number of the device check boxes (optional). Click Save.Set Up Splunk Enterprise. Log in to Splunk Enterprise at. The first time you log in, use the default user name admin and the password you set during installation.

You can then change the password and log in again with your new password. From the Splunk home page, select Add Data.

To get data from TCP and UDP ports, on the Add Data page, select Monitor. Select TCP/UDP. Select the UDP tab.Firebox syslog support is available only for UDP. In the Port text box, type 514.

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This port must match the port configured on the Firebox for the syslog server. In the Only accept connection from text box, type the IP address of your Firebox.

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