Skyrim Special Edition Bow Mod

Scoped Bows SE is a fanmade modification ('mod') for the pc game 'The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Special Edition'. A legal copy of the original game is required in order to use this mod. You are using this mod at your own risk.

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The Guide comes with conflict resolutionpatches. These are both a blessing and acurse. It is a blessing if you use allof the mods included in the conflict resolution patch. It is a curse if you don’t use one or moremods that are contained in the patch since the patch is then missing one ormore master files.If you don’t use allof the mods covered in the patch you have five choices:1) use the requiredmods even if you do not want to2) do not use the patch and suffer theconsequences,3) use Mator Smash to try to remove the conflicts (not alwayssuccessful)4) use Wrye Bash to create dummy master(s) which allows the conflictresolution patch to run, but may or may not cause other problems, and5) usexEdit to remove the missing master mods from the patch. This is the best solution but requiresknowledge of xEdit.

Skyrim Special Edition Bow Mod Guide

  1. Skyrim Special Edition Mod Requests: Got an idea for a killer modification that hasnt been made yet? Outline your ideas here and discuss it with others. Who knows, it might get created!
  2. Regarding Skyrim Special Edition. PC SSE - Discussion Special Edition Best Archery Mods? I ported the AGO animations and they work fine except that the first and third person sneaking bow animations don't match due to the lack of enhanced camera for SSE. Doesn't bother me too much.

There are tutorialson YouTube that cover this exact subject. The procedure is tedious but totally safe and 100% effective. I have created twobuilds using this guide. The first wasseveral months ago before it was not quite ready for release. The second build I just finishedcreating. After selecting the optionalmods that I wanted I ended up with 279 mods with 177.esp files. Twenty-two of those.esp files were FE fileswhich do not count against the 255 Skyrim mod limit.

An additional 41 mods could be merged intoone mod using Wrye Bash. This leaves 115.esp files remaining in Mod Organizer 2’s right pane. You can safely addanother 140 mods of your choice before exceeding the 255 mod limit. Myimpression of the Guide is that it is well thought out.

It is not an all-inclusive Guide in that itignores etc. It is organized and arranged in a logicalmanner. There are well written explanationsof all of the required mods and optional mods. The initial setup instructions are thorough and written for people newto Skyrim modding.

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Due to usersreporting problems and/or errors over many months I did not note any obviouserrors or inconsistencies in the Guide. Having scores of people proofread your work is really helpful. Idid run into several frustrations though. The mods are laid out for installation in logical sections and theauthor even provides colored separators to separate the different sections (Iused 34 of the separators).

After theend of installing all the mods you are then required to rearrange the mods inthe left pane of Mod Organizer 2 in accordance with the provided Mod ListOrder. It took me about 2 hours torearrange the mod load order in MO 2’s left pane. With the TUCO Guide you install the mods inthe left pane in load order so no rearranging is necessary. Another frustration was that some of thenames used in the Mod Order List were similar to the names used when the modthat was installed, but not close enough to avoid confusion with other mods. Thus, time was spent trying to figure outwhich of the installed mods was really supposed to be in that position. The Phoenix Flavour - This Guide hasonly 132 required mods with roughly 200 optional mods.

Skyrim Special Edition Best Bow Mods


Skyrim Special Edition Bow Animation Mod

It is not intended to be an all-inclusiveGuide in that it ignores classes of mods such as survival, new lands, andquests. This is not necessarily a badthing since it leaves room for adding lots of your own favorite mods. The Guide is organized and arranged in alogical manner. There are well writtenexplanations of all of the required mods and optional mods. Examples of correct mod and load order aregiven. The initial setup instructionsare thorough and written for people new to Skyrim modding.

RogdonlpI only play SSE. Since Skyrim Scandal started posting, I have converted over 200 of the UUNP armors. I have only failed to convert one armor during that time. The conversion process is actually pretty simple. After doing the first few you will be a pro and it will only take you a couple of minutes or less.

If you go out to the main menu of this website you will find in the right column the click button for the Articles Section of Skyrim Scandal. Click on that button and the first article at the top of the list is the one on converting LE UUNP to SSE.