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Summary: Ed Wilson, Microsoft Scripting Guy, talks about using the new Convert-String cmdlet in Windows PowerShell 5.0 to manipulate strings. Microsoft Scripting Guy, Ed Wilson, is here. Over the weekend, the Scripting Wife and I headed out and about to explore central Florida.

. Tue, Jan 8 2019. Tue, Dec 18 2018. Thu, May 3 2018Function conversion guideMicrosoft Technet offers a VBScript commands, functions, statements, and operators with their PowerShell equivalents. Of course, there is often more than one way to convert VBScript to PowerShell.

But this list certainly will help you to get started.VBScript Conversion Snippets for Windows PowerShellSAPIEN Scripting Outpost has a that allows you to convert a VBScript function or statement into the PowerShell equivalent. Maybe this is a convenient way to convert your VBScripts line by line. If you work with the scripting environment, you can use the conversion tool as a plug-in. The 120 snippets cost $40, which seems a bit expensive to me. PrimalScript starts at $179 which is not cheap, too. Also check out this post in the which claims that you can use it without PrimalScript.Microsoft® Windows PowerShell™ Step By StepJeffrey Snover recommends this from Microsoft Press because it also addresses the conversion issue.Note that it doesn't always make sense to convert your 'legacy scripts'.


We will convert scripts only if major functional changes are necessary. To my experience, old scripts become useless after some time, anyway. The IT environment changes fast. Often you need scripts because the software you bought lacks certain functionality.

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The next version might already have this feature. Members can no longer get points for viewing pages and sites visits.You probably noticed that pages loaded much faster if you are not logged in.

I always assumed the reason is that pages are not cached on the server for logged in users (because page content depends on user). However, after analyzing pages loads in more detail it turned out that the hook for counting page views and site visits were the culprit. With the hook enabled, a blog page loaded in 3 seconds. Without the hook, a page now loads in 0.5 seconds.

Shell To Powershell Conversion Chart

That's 6 times faster! I guess the database query of the hook contains a bug.I hope you agree that speed is more important than those two features.