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Material Transaction Type Wise(/.Wip issue./ ) transaction details /.Wip issue./. Apps.mtlmaterialtransactions mmt, apps.mtltransactionaccounts mta. ON-HAND QUANTITY QUERY; COMPLETE API's LIST IN ORACLE APPS; Simple theme.

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Department Number, Category Number and Cost of item based on theItem ID:-The Following Query will give the Department Number, Category Number, Cost ofthe Item based on the Inventory item ID.select mcb.segment3 'Deptartment',mcb.segment4'Category', cs.itemcost 'Item price'from mtlcategoriesb mcb, cstitemcosts cswhere mcb.categoryid IN (select CATEGORYID frommtlitemcategorieswhere inventoryitemid = 'Your Inventory Item ID'and organizationid = 'Your. INV On-hand Quatity of one Particular Item in whole Organization:-The following Query will On-hand Quatity of particular item in the wholeOrganizationselect sum(primarytransactionquantity) frommtlonhandquantitiesdetail where inventoryitemid = 'Your InventoryOrganization ID';Example:-Note:- 123456 is the item ID of the particular item. This can be foundin the base table of the item (MTLSYSTEMITEMSB). SEGMENT1 column of thistable would have Item Name and Inventoryitemid is the primary column of thetable. The follow query is using this value.select sum(primarytransactionquantity) frommtlonhandquantitiesdetail where inventoryitemid = 123456;If you want to know the on-hand Quantity of particular item at allthe Inventory Organization then use the following the Query.select sum(primarytransactionquantity), organizationid frommtlonhandquantitiesdetail where inventoryitemid = 'Your InventoryOrganization ID'group by organizationid;Get all theAssembly completion Lot Numbers. Get all the Assembly completion LotNumbers: -The following query gets the information about the Lot Numbers of AssemblyCompletion.Note:- I have commented 'mmt.organizationid =yourorganizationid' condition. Select mta.transactionid,mmt.organizationid,msi.segment1,mta.transactiondate,mta.primaryquantity,gcc.segment1 '.'


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