Quarterly Compound Interest Amortization Workbook Template Free

Quarterly Compound Interest Amortization Workbook Template Free

For example, let's say $100 represents the principal of a loan, which carries a compounded interest rate of 10%. After one year you have $100 in principal and $10 in interest, for a total base of $110. In year two, the interest rate (10%) is applied to the principal ($100, resulting in $10 of interest) and the accumulated interest ($10, resulting in $1 of interest), for a total of $11 in interest gained that year. The second year's increase is $11, instead of $10, because the interest is – that is, it's being applied to a larger base ($110 compared to $100, our starting point). Each year, the base increases by 10%: $110 after the first year, then $121 after the second year.

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Can anyone help me. I'm after an amortization schedule for loans that has a daily compound interest added with a monthly repayment. I've calculated the monthly repayment but I can't find an excel formula that provides me with a breakdown of principal and interest on these monthly payments. I've tried everything to create my own but I can create one for monthly compound but not for daily.Many thanksThanks for replying - is it therefore impossible to use the ppmt function in excel using a daily compound rate? The formula is PPMT(rate, per, nper, pv, fv, type) so for the rate I put in 8.5%/365. This worked for monthly i.e.

Quarterly Compound Interest Amortization Workbook Template Free Worksheet


Compound Interest Amortization Schedule

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Quarterly Compound Interest Amortization Workbook Template Free Download

8.5%/12 but gives me different amounts for principal and interest (ipmt i did the same for) as to what I know the monthly payment is when trying to calculate using a daily compound formula. As you can probably tell, I'm not a whizz on Excel so unsure of how I can utilise this PPMT function with the formula you have given me? Any further advice would be much appreciated.