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Kali ini admin akan berbagi dimana sebelumnya admin juga sudah sempat memposting beberapa contoh naskah drama dalam bahasa Inggris lainnya, seperti, dan.Example of drama script for 5 playersTitle of drama: Study Program To Prepare For ExamNiche: EducationalCasting: 5 PlayersCharacters:1. John as Johan2. George as Dony3. Melissa as Mini4. Melingga as Isma5. Caryee as LindaJohan asking Dony about his study program in the night as a prepare for exam in the next month.

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Johan wants to make sure that Dony active on study in the night at his home.Johan:How did you studied last night, Dony?Dony:Well. I studied about four hours last night. I really enjoy it.Johan:Aha? Did you?Dony:Yea. It's a really nice time to study.

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So, how about you, Johan? Is everything getting better, I mean your study program in the night?Johan:Yea. I regularly study in the night for about 2 hours. I hope it gonna be help me to get a better result at the exam next month.Dony:Sure, and I also hope the same thing.Then Linda coming to them while asking to Johan and Dony what they both are talking about cause they're looking very serious.Linda:Hey you. What are talking about?

  1. Contoh Drama Pendek 5 Orang Salah Sangka. Pada suatu hari,ada tiga orang anak yang bersahabat. Mereka bernama Laras, Sakura, dan Lea. Tetapi ada 2 orang yang tidak menyukai persahabatan mereka. Mereka bernama Shera dan Inet. Lea: “ Sakura,Sakura ada yang ingin aku bicarakan denganmu tentang Laras!”.
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You look so serious!Johan:Not really. We just talked about our prepare to join an exam in this next month.Linda:Aha?

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So, what make it different to other days for you?Dony:Well. We both have some program that we have to study at home in the next in order to get better reslut in the exam at the next month.

Naskah Drama Komedi Tentang Kejujuran 5 Orang

Kumpulan naskah drama 5 orang

So, how about you?Linda:I did nothing.Dony:What do you meant you did nothing? You meant you don't want to prepare for the exam and do study at the home in the next?Linda:That's not an important thing for me, and I guess I could finish that exam without spend my time to study at night in my home.Dony and Johan felt really surprised after Linda said that word. A few minutes letter Isma coming and join their conversation.Isma:Hey all. How are you doing?Dony:I'm good, so how about you, girl?Isma:Well. I'm pretty good, thanks. So, how about you Linda and Johan?Linda:I'm good, just like you.Johan:I'm good, thanks.

Naskah Drama 5 Orang Tentang Kejujuran Di Sekolah

Btw, where are you from, Isma?Isma:Hem. I'm from a super market, I bought a sweep cause the older one is already broken. So, what are you talking about here?Linda:Johan and Dony just asking me about study program in the night. I tould them that I never do that in the night.Isma:Whay you did not, Linda?Linda:Nothing, I just feel lazy.Isma:Wow. Remember, lazy is the real enemy. If you lost by lazy means there's no better thing you're gonna be achieve!Linda:Maybe.Linda is really different than. No matter what Isma talked to her, Linda is still be herself and she don't want to listen her friend's suggestion.

After a few minutes, Mimi coming and join to their conversation.Mimi:Hey you all. Any body feeling good, right?Dony:Yea. We are feeling good. So what about you, Mimi? You look too beautiful today!Mimi:Am I?

Thanks dude:)Johan:Yea, you look so much beautiful today! That's the fact, you know!Mimi:Okay, thanks handsome. So, what's going on here? Any idea to do something bigger, maybe?Dony:No, we just asked Linda about prepare to join exam in the next month?Mimi:And then?Isma:Linda is feeling lazy to study at home in the night, we try to remind her that study in home in the night is very helpful before exam time is coming.Mimi:Is that true, Linda?Linda:Yea.Mimi:Linda, is the right time for you to prepare yourself before everything is up. So, you have to willing study at home in the next even just for a few minutes.After Mimi talked so much more to Linda, then Linda wants to study in the night just like her friends.