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Faith is the foundation of the Christian Life. Yet many believers don't fully understand what true Bible faith is. Hagin's study guide, Foundations for Faith, teaches the basic principles of faith and discusses why faith is the key to receiving from God. Helps answer questions such as 'What is a God-kind of faith? And What does it mean to believe with the heart?'

Kenneth Erwin Hagin was an influential American Charismatic preacher born on August 20, 1917 in McKinney, Texas to the family of Lillie Viola Drake Hagin and Jess Hagin. He was so small and lifeless that the doctor thought that he was stillborn.Personal LifeHe was married to Oretha Rooker.

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Libro Fruto Del Amor Kenneth E Hagin Books Pdf

They had two children, a son, Kenneth Wayne Hagin, who is presently the pastor of Rhema Bible Church and President of Kenneth Hagin Ministries, and a daughter, Patricia Harrison. She is the widow of the late Doyle “Buddy’ Harrison and is the owner and publisher of Harrison House, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.According to Hagin’s testimony, he was sickly as a child, suffering from a deformed heart and what was believed to be an incurable blood disease. He became bedfast at age 15 and was not expected to live. In April 1933 during a dramatic conversion experience, he reported dying three times in 10 minutes, each time seeing the horrors of hell and then returning to life. But in August 1934, he was miraculously healed, raised off a deathbed by the power of God and the revelation of faith in God’s Word. Jesus appeared to Rev.