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If you’re looking for a no prep option, we’ve designed our letter of the week Alphabet Curriculum to meet your needs. With over 650 pages of worksheets, game and activities all you have to do is Print and Punch holes and this set is ready to go for 26 weeks of alphabet learning. Click Here to peek inside.

Structuring your preschool lessons around the alphabet is a great way to start planning. You could decide to do one letter a week focusing on the letter identification (uppercase and lowercase), letter sound and beginning words. Children can build a preschool notebook by storing their work in a three ring binder with tabs for each letter. If you’re looking for a no prep option, we’ve designed our letter of the week to meet your needs. With over 650 pages of worksheets, game and activities all you have to do is Print and Punch holes and this set is ready to go for 26 weeks of alphabet learning.We’ve also created many These are different than the resources in our but could be used to make your own alphabet binder or as an extension of your Letter of the Week activities.As you’ll be using this alphabet binder heavily over the coming months I suggest you purchase a and be sure it can hold up to 650-700 pages (3.5 or 4″ring binder should suffice). Purchase at least and label them with the letters of the alphabet as shown above.

If you’ve purchased our letter of the week all you have to do now is PRINT and place each letter behind the page separators. Because your Alphabet Curriculum prints in the suggested assembly order you are good to go and you’ll be set with 4 worksheets a day, 4 days a week for the next 26 weeks.If you’re looking to make your own Alphabet Binder with resources you already have or will find online here are some assembly suggestions for making your own version:You want to start off each section of your Alphabet Binder with general information resources.How to Write Chart: These are good for introducing children to the proper formation of both the uppercase and lowercase version of the letter. Key words are written below to gently guide your child with their finger to practice.Beginning Letter Chart: Shows children what word start with the letter and provides an introduction to the different letter sounds.Blank Letter Pages: These are very versatile and can be filled in with playdough, stamps, designs, stickers, things that start with that letter.etc. You might print multiple copies of these if you have crafty kiddos!Because we’re setting up our binder to include resources for a 4 day a week schedule, you’ll want to include 4 different coloring activity pages.Beginning Letter Coloring: This is a simple coloring page featuring the upper and lowercase letter a beginning letter picture and word to color.Guided Coloring Page: This page features a variety of beginning letter pictures within the uppercase letter. Children follow the instructions for coloring.I Can Find the Letter: This is a worksheet for children to find and count the upper and lowercase letters.ABC Quilt Square: This page features handwriting practice as well as coloring. Children cut out their own quilt square and place on the wall, building their quilt with each letter completed.Choose 3 to 4 different handwriting exercise pages for your binder.Missing Beginning Letter: This is a simple tracing page for children to fill in the missing beginning letter.

Letter Of The Week Printables

The font of the entire word is light so children can trace the entire word if they want to. This worksheet includes three different versions: Uppercase, Lowercase and Blank.Handwriting Practice Page: This page shows children the proper letter formation and strokes, beginning letter words and provides ample practice opportunity.Letter Trace: Children trace the uppercase and lowercase letters by using the guides provided. Opportunity is provided to make their own letters and color in a beginning letter picture for each row they complete.Finding math worksheets that coordinate with your letter of the week can be a bit tricky, but you want to be sure to find something that can bridge the connection between the two subjects.

Letter Of The Week Activities For Preschoolers

Here’s what we include in our so you can get an idea of how you can build your own.Daily Math Worksheet: This is a simple worksheet but includes a variety of math skills. Counting, Measuring, Addition, Tally Marks, Patterns, Ordinal Numbers, Number Line and more. The goal is to provide simple daily tasks children can build confidence with.Count & Graph Worksheets: Children count up the letter items and then graph them accordingly. The First half of the alphabet features up to 5 total, and the second half builds to 10 total items.Spin to Win Game: This is a fun game played with a paperclip spinner.


Children spin the paperclip and then trace the correct winner (uppercase or lowercase). The first letter to the crow wins! Follow up questions guide children through less and more and inequalities.4 in a Row Bingo: Finish out your Letter of the Week by playing a fun game of BINGO!Ready to Make Your Own?

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Are you doing a letter of the week with your child? Does your class follow a letter of the week program? If you are here are some ideas for your letter of week letter v week. Before I get to the crafts can I share a few of my thoughts about letter of the week? I think letter of the week is a fun way to use a little novelty to focus on one letter, but that”™s it. Please only focus a small amount of attention on the single letter and continue to focus on all letters as a whole.

Letters work together and children learn about letters and how they work when they use them in meaningful ways. Play is meaningful, art is meaningful, and a fun craft can be a mix of both but focusing too much busy work is not. Choose one or two fun ideas from this post then check out the whole alphabet activities after the letter v crafts and activities. Letter V Crafts–Crafts and Activities for V– – – – Whole Alphabet Activities– –Filed Under:,.