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Jan 14, 2009  ssenable 1 sssplitmode # name2 NAME The first command you need to type in turns split screen on and the second tells the game which way to split the screen. Sssplitmode 1 will split the screen into a left and a right half and splitmode 2 will split the screen into a top and a bottom half. Nov 04, 2010  So you want to play Left 4 Dead 2 in split screen mode but only have the PC version? No problem as long as your PC has some thunder under the hood. bWhat you need/b: - 1 Xbox360 controller for Windows bWhat you should use:/b - 2 Xbox360. Nov 19, 2009  Left 4 Dead 2 split-screen offline co-op? On Left 4 Dead 2 for the Xbox360, can you have up to 4 player offline co-op with 4 controllers on split screen, or does the 4 player only refer to online play?

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This method will allow you to have a friend over for some zombie killing fun! This feature is not something that is easy to pull off.


Firstly, none of the things you need to do are actually in the gui. Secondly, not many people are in the same situation I was. My brother is a console gamer but can't afford a 360 after a PS3 purchase. Since we love zombie anything we needed to find a way to be able to game together. The thing that makes this something only a diehard fan would bother to do is that you have to have two joysticks.I'm going to give you several different ways of acheiving this goal because many different people I know have tried and got several ways to work.

One that my friend got up and running involves using xbox 360 controllers. He bought two at a pawn shop for twenty bucks total and one works the other does not using the following trick. I mention this because there seems to be a difference among these seemingly similar joysticks. The first thing you should do, no matter which method you try, is go into your SteamSteamAppscommonLeft 4 Deadleft4deadcfg folder and create a new file called TwoPlayerSplitScreen.cfgInside this file we are going to put all of the commands to achieve a two local player, split screen game where one player uses the mouse and keyboard and the other uses a joystick.ssenable 1sssplitmode #name2 NAMEThe first command you need to type in turns split screen on and the second tells the game which way to split the screen. Sssplitmode 1 will split the screen into a left and a right half and splitmode 2 will split the screen into a top and a bottom half.

If you are playing on one monitor, mode two gives you a much better view of what's ahead of your character. If you are going to run on two monitors you need to use mode one so that each player gets their own screen. You will need to replace the word NAME above with whatever name the second player wants to be called.The next commands we need to add will tell the game what to map to each of the joysticks buttons. Because gamepad utility is build into the game it would seem that the game would know what its doing but we must go button by button and tell it what it needs to do. This is tricky unless you happen to know what code is generated by every part of your joystick. If you don't know, open the game and go into the keyboard section under options. Click on the configure button at the top of this menu and left click any line in the list that pops up.

Press the Edit button at the bottom of the window and press something on the joystick. Whatever you pushed on the joystick should now be showing on the line that you edited. On my p2500 the buttons are called JOY1, JOY8, etc, the dual sticks are called X AXIS NEG, R AXIS POS etc.

Left 4 Dead 2 Split Screen Pc Gameplay

You will need to map out the entire joystick on a piece of paper or alt tab every time, whatever's easier for you. Copy and Paste the following code after the ss commands found above. Everything in the first section needs to left alone.

The second section contains all of the settings for joystick's actual functionality. You can edit this if you know what you doing, but if you decide to edit any of these values, ad a // to the end of any line you change and put the old value after it.

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My NoScope sponsorship ref link!:Steam:Xbox:Twitter:WRITTEN TUTORIAL:Download My CFG:Put it in Steam/SteamApps/common/Left 4 Dead 2/left4dead2/cfg and you can modify the player name if you want to.Open L4D2, Open the console , (If you can't do this, Go to options, enable developer console!:D) Type 'exec 360controller.cfg' without quotes, now type 'ssmap x' (X being what ever map you want. Without quotes) Example: ssmap c7m1docks (The Passing Begining,)At the loading screen, continue unplugging, and replugging your 360 controller until the indicator says it player 2.Now you should be ingame with no splitscreen yet. Go to console, and type' connectsplitscreen localhost 2' without quotes.Yay! Any questions? Leave them below!FAQ:Q: 'couldn't exec 360controller'?!A: You did not put the.cfg in the correct folder.Q: did not work pls helpA: You're going to need to be more specific.Q: How to i execute certain commands for a specific player?


Left For Dead 2 Pc Split Screen Mod

Example: I want player 2 to be in third person.A: In console, type cmdx (x being the player number) example: cmd2 thirdperson!:DQ: How do we be do we become different characters?A: cmdx, and the character name. (Louis, Francis, Zoey, Bill, Coach, Ellis, Nick, Rochelle, JK Who wants to be Rochelle?).