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  • A new Killing Floor 2 update 1.32 is now available for PS4 and Xbox One players. According to the official Killing Floor 2 1.32 patch notes, the latst update comes with a new event, a new game mode, a new map and more. In addition, Killing Floor 2 version 1.32 also includes a long list of bug fixes.

I've gotten the GS up to level 20, and this is my opinion of the class and it's abilities, based on performance on 6p suicidal. Let's start by looking at the skills break down.Lvl 5 Shoot and Scoot vs Weapon Swap Speed.-I've been trying both of these, and I go back and forth. The weapon swap is nice for canceling the reload animation on your guns and bringing up the next.set, though I dislike it defaulting to the 9mm.

Killing Floor 2 Gunslinger Weapons

Shoot and scoot is nice for the extra moves peed while aiming, particularly when back pedaling and firing.Level 10 Rack em Up vs Bone breaker-When solo I go with the first, in multiplayer with the latter. It's just so frustrating to miss headshots due to a teammate stumbling a zed, beating you to the headshot, or one of a million other ways things can go wrong.Lvl 15 Speed Loader vs Penetration-The extra Penetration really isn't necessary so this one's a no brainer.Lvl 20 Chest Stumble vs Leg Knockdown.-I really like the knockdown here, it's frustrating when someone else stumbles them and starts the cc timer and you can no longer do it, but when you can get it off it is fantastic. A great way to prevent damage to your team if the team is organized against big zeds. I do notice a lot of people stop firing in pubs when it goes down instead of finishing it off though, essentially wasting the time.Lvl 25 Fire speed vs Uber ammo- I haven't git 25 yet so I can't test them, however I suspect I will be going with Uber just based off of descriptions and what seems more worthwhile.Overall the class is fun to play, the weapons feel strong, but it doesn't really fill a role very effectively. A chain of headshots with a good rack em up meter is pretty effective, if somewhat situational.But other then that, it's difficult to be a big zed killer with the class, though the knockdown can be invaluable. Really where the class shines is on medium zeds, being able to take out bloats / sirens / husks with ease.


Killing Floor 2 Best Gun

The class is also expensive, requiring t3 and t4 complete to be effective in later waves, and since you only drop one gun when you die, it heavily penalizes death eveb more so than others. I give the class a B overall, fun to play, but not amazing.What do you think?


The Killing Floor 2 Damage Calculator has moved to a new page. The new version is located at https. Added HZ12 to Support and Spx464 to Gunslinger and Sharpshooter. All of the weapons including those on the preview branch are on the updated kf2calc website now. All classes are in besides survivalist.

Killing Floor 2 Gunslinger Weapons 1

Do you see gunslinger becoming part of the meta, or more of a side class like commando. Currently the meta is basically just 6 FBs but I suspect that will change in a few months with the next large patch.

Contents Starting Loadout. x2.XP Objectives. Dealing damage with Gunslinger Weapons. Headshots with Gunslinger WeaponsYou do not have to be currently playing as a Gunslinger to level it up, as long as you use Gunslinger weapons it will count.Headshots award 1 XP instantly.

XP for dealing damage is not awarded until an enemy dies. No matter how much you contributed, as long as you hit it once you will get the full value.