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About the albumFor most of a half-century career Bing Crosby had the best-known and arguably the best-loved voice in the world. He ascribed his popularity to having the sort of voice that any man could aspire to when singing in his bath. But he possessed excellent intonation, superb diction and a sense of timing equalled by few. And there was his unmatchable versatility.

He sang just about every type of popular song pre-rock ‘n-roll; country, comedy, Hawaiian, Irish, carols, operetta, ballads, straight forward pop But his own great love was jazz of the pre-bop era, and his mastery of jazz-phrasing and wonderful sense of rhythm permeated his work in every field, giving his singing a lift and freshness that put him ahead of any rivals.There was too in his singing a feeling of intimacy - he seemed to be singing just for you. This came about in part because he was one of the first singers to master the new fangled microphone which came into use at the end of the 1920’s. Bing had vocal power and volume to spare, but now he could use the softest pianissimo if he chose rather than the unrelenting fortissimo that earlier performances had necessarily to adopt.It was due to Decca boss Jack Kapp that, from 1934 on, the amount of overt jazz in Bing’s output was radically reduced.

From a commercial point of view, Kapp was probably right in causing Bing to diversify and thereby become, in effect, the voice of “everyman”. It was also at Kapp’s instigation that Bing recorded more and more in tandem with many other name artists - all in an effort to keep variety in his output and avert any dull sameness. One has to admit, that it worked. What we lost in pure jazz was outweighed by many charming and delightful performances in other genres.But, no doubt to that large majority of listeners today, who only know the Bing Crosby of “White Christmas” or “Swinging on a Star”, the idea of him being a jazz singer at all, let alone one of the most important of all time, sounds strange. Frank Sinatra - yes, accepted by the intelligentsia as a jazz singer. In fact, great though Sinatra was, his jazz chops could never match Bing’s and were far more a matter of Nelson Riddle’s very clever arranging than any inherent ability of Frank’s in that direction. Here him sounding ill at ease and out of his depth with Count Basie!The recordings contained on this CD all illustrate better than any words that Bing swung naturally and mightily.

Bing Crosby's Long-Playing Albums - Bing Crosby Internet Museum - The was introduced to the public by CBS in 1948. Until then, artists released singles on 10-inch double-sided 78 rpm disks. Occasionally, several 78 rpm disks were packaged together as an 'album' and, if you had a record-changing phonograph, you could play a stack of them. Bing's earliest LPs were mere compilations of his earlier work.

It wasn't until 1953 that Bing recorded his first set of songs for release as an LP. What follows is a list of Crosby's major original musical LPs (not compilations) and my evaluation of each album. I will use this evaluation scale:A = superior performance and musical selectionsB = very goodC = some selections are fine, others are clunkers; uneven performanceD = Bing should've golfed all dayF = noise pollution.1 9 5 3Le Bing: Song Hits of Paris (Decca) - RECORDING DATES: May 16, 1953. ACCOMPANIMENT: Paul Durand Orchestra. TRACKS: Mademoiselle De Paris, Au Bord de l'Eau, Embrasse - Moi Bien, La Mer, Tu Ne Peux Pas Te Figuerer, La Seine, Mon Coeur Est Un Violin, La Vie En Rose, Embrasse, Mademoiselle De Paree. EVALUATION: In the spring of 1953 Bing took his to France, where he also recorded his first original LP.

Bing recorded all the songs in Paris in French in one day accompanied by the Paul Durand Orchestra! I don't know French, but I found the songs a pleasure to listen to. Grade: BSome Fine Old Chestnuts (Decca) - RECORDING DATES: June 26, 1953.

ACCOMPANIMENT: Buddy Cole Trio (piano, bass and drums). TRACKS: Somebody Loves Me, Do You Ever Think of Me, I Never Knew (Fio), After You've Gone, Sleepy Time Gal, Dinah, I Never Knew (Pitts), I Can't Give You Anything But Love. EVALUATION: The original 10-inch album contained 8 ballads recorded for Bing's radio show. The highlight of the original disc is the quaint bedtime lullaby 'Sleepy Time Gal,' which Bing performs flawlessly. MCA released a 12-inch version of 'Some Fine Old Chestnuts' in the 1960s with four additional songs backed by Buddy Cole ('In a Little Spanish Town,' 'Old Man River' recorded in 1955 and 'Swanee,' 'Honeysuckle Rose' recorded in 1956). Grade: B+1 9 5 4White Christmas (Decca) - RECORDING DATES: April 10 and May 4, 1954. ACCOMPANIMENT: Joseph Lilley Orchestra.

TRACKS: (with Danny Kaye, Peggy Lee and Trudy Stevens), Snow (with Danny Kaye, Peggy Lee and Trudy Stevens), The Old Man (with Danny Kaye), Gee I Wish I Was Back in the Army (with Danny Kaye), What Can You Do With a General, Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep. EVALUATION: Bing is joined by Danny Kaye, Peggy Lee and Trudy Stevens in the soundtrack album to the movie.

Unfortunately, Rosemary Clooney and Vera Ellen were under contract to other record companies and were not allowed to participate in the soundtrack album for Decca. The best part of 'White Christmas' was Irving Berlin's music, and the soundtrack album captures it well. Bing sings the Oscar-nominated song. I particularly like the song 'Snow' sung by the group.

Grade: A.Bing: A Musical Autobiography (Decca): RECORDING DATES: April 21, May 3 and June 16, 1954. ACCOMPANIMENT: Buddy Cole Trio. EVALUATION: Bing was in a reflective, retirement mood in the spring of. He was preparing to leave his long-time radio variety show and he also recorded his musical autobiography with the Buddy Cole Trio, a small group formed from members of the Orchestra, who accompanied Bing on his radio show and on most of his recordings since 1937. All together the biography filled 5 long-playing records, which were sold as a package for the hefty 1954 price of $27. Bing recorded excerpts of many of his early hits, and then used the original Decca masters for his hits after 1940. Curiously absent from the collection was Crosby's famous anthem of the Great Depression,.

Grade: B1 9 5 6High Society (Capitol) - RECORDING DATES: January 1956. ACCOMPANIMENT: Louis Armstrong and his All-Stars, the MGM Orchestra.


EVALUATION: Bing's exclusive recording contract for Decca expired at the end of 1955 and Bing chose to free-lance. This album features the cast of the movie 'High Society' and its great Cole Porter songs and lyrics. The soundtrack turned out to be Porter's Swan Song. Bing solos on 'Little One' and 'I Love You Samantha.' But the highlights of the album are his duets with Frank Sinatra ('Well Did You Evah?' ), Louis Armstrong ('Now You Has Jazz') and Grace Kelly. The album and Bing's single with Kelly struck gold.

The songs on the LP were recorded in stereo for playback in theatres, but the LP was released initially only in mono. Stereo LPs did not hit the market until 1958.

Capitol released the High Society stereo LP in 1961. Grade: ASongs I Wish I Had Sung the First Time Around (Decca) - RECORDING DATES: April 17-18, 1956. ACCOMPANIMENT: Jack Pleis Orchestra. TRACKS: April Showers, Blues in the Night, Prisoner of Love, Memories are Made of This, My Blue Heaven, Paper Doll, Aint Misbehavin, When My Baby Smiles at Me, A Little Kiss Each Morning, This Love of Mine, Mona Lisa, Thanks for the Memory.

EVALUATION: Bing is back recording for Decca, accompanied by the Jack Pleis Orchestra. Highlights of the album are 'Ain't Misbehavin' and 'Mona Lisa.' Grade: BBing Sings while Bregman Swings (Verve) - RECORDING DATES: June 11-12, 1956.

ACCOMPANIMENT: Buddy Bregman Orchestra. TRACKS: The Blue Room, Jeepers Creepers, I've Got Five Dollars, Deed I Do, The Song Is You, Nice Work if You Can Get It, They All Laughed, Heat Wave, September in the Rain, Cheek to Cheek, Have You Met Miss Jones, Mountain Greenery. EVALUATION: When I told a fellow jazz enthusiast about this album he responded, 'You must mean Bunny Berrigan.' No, I told him, I mean.

He had never heard of Buddy Bregman. Variety wrote of this album: 'Crosby's first on Verve Records, is also his first with such a thoroughly modern, swinging orchestra in accompaniment. The songs, morever, are among those rare few that Bing has never before recorded. Buddy Bregman orchestrated the songs, conducted a hand-picked group of Hollywood's foremost musicians and - most important - conceived the idea in the first place. Altogether it is quite a musical package - muscular and tender, driving and romantic, pulsating and lyrical.

For Bing Crosby, the artist, it is a somewhat different testament to add to the many already on record and, as you will hear, an ingeniously varied and durable one.' Bregman told interviewers that he made the request of Bing to record with him. Bing consented with the stipulation that his vocals be recorded early in the morning because Crosby felt his voice had greater depth than in the afternoon. Grade: A-1 9 5 7Bing with a Beat (RCA) - RECORDING DATES: February 19-20, 1957. ACCOMPANIMENT: Bob Scobey's Frisco Jazz Band; arranged by Matty Matlock.

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TRACKS: Exactly Like You, Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella, Mama Loves Papa, Down Among the Sheltering Palms, Last Night on the Back Porch, Along the Way to Waikiki, Whispering, Mack the Knife, Some Sunny Day, Dream a Little Dream of Me, I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter, Tell Me. EVALUATION: Bing returned to his jazz roots and, clearly, had a good time recording this album. His performance on most of these selections was superlative, though not even Bing (nor Sinatra) could equal Bobby Darin's hit performance of 'Mack the Knife.' Grade: ANew Tricks (Decca) - RECORDING DATES: March 14, 1957. ACCOMPANIMENT: Buddy Cole Trio. TRACKS: Alabamy Bound, When I Take My Sugar to Tea, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, Georgia on My Mind, I'm Confessin, If I Could Be With You, Avalon, Chinatown My Chinatown, You're Driving Me Crazy, On the Alamo, Chicago, Softly as in a Morning Sunrise. EVALUATION: It's back to Decca for Bing, where once again he has a rather thin accompaniment (the Buddy Cole Trio).

Perhaps Decca had to cut back on the orchestral accompaniment to compensate for the marvelous artwork on the cover of the album. Clearly Bing's best album cover. Highlights of this album are 'When I Take My Sugar to Tea,' 'I'm Confessin' and 'Georgia on My Mind.' Grade: B+1 9 5 8Fancy Meeting You Here (RCA) - RECORDING DATES: July 28, August 7, 11, 1958. ACCOMPANIMENT: Rosemary Clooney, Billy May Orchestra.

TRACKS: Brazil, How About You, On a Slow Boat to China, It Happened in Monterey, Hindustan, Fancy Meeting You Here, Calcutta, Isle of Capri, Say Si Si, You Came a Long Way From St. Louis, I Can't Get Started, Love Won't Let You Get Away. EVALUATION: All the stars and the planets must have been aligned just right when Bing and Rosemary Clooney recorded this album! I will not list the highlights of the album, for every track is a highlight. Moreover, the tracks are interwoven into a coherent whole. (Some Rockers think 'Sgt.

Pepper's' was the first concept album!) Everyone hit their targets, including the Billy May Orchestra, the Crosby-Clooney rapport, the Crosby liner notes. Even the cover art was on the mark.

Count Basie Parking

Intitle: Bing N Basie Download Bing Crosby Count Basie Or Bing Crosby And Count Basie

Moreover, the album was recorded in stereo, and the fidelity is sparkling even by today's standards. If all you can afford is one Bing Crosby album, this is it. It's hard to believe this album was not nominated for one of the. Grade: A+1 9 5 9How the West was Won (RCA) - RECORDING DATES: July 20-21, 23-24, 1959.

ACCOMPANIMENT: Rosemary Clooney, Bob Thompson Orchestra. TRACKS: Shenandoah, Old Settlers Song, Skip to My Lou (w Clooney), Streets of Laredo, All Pewtrified (narration), Will You Come to the Bower, When I Went Off to Prospect, Nine Hundred Miles, Hang Me Oh Hang Me, Git Along Little Dogies, Crossing the Plains (w Clooney), Buffalo Gals (w Clooney), Green Grow the Lilacs, Jennie Jenkins (w Clooney), Bound for the Promised Land (w Clooney), Buckskin Joe, Red River Valley. EVALUATION: Bing reads Carl Sandberg poetry and sings of the Old West, often accompanied by Rosemary Clooney. The disk is said to have inspired the movie. This album was released on CD in 2007 by Bear Family records. Grade: B+Join Bing and Sing Along (RCA) - RECORDING DATES: Dec. ACCOMPANIMENT: Jack Halloran Orchestra and Chorus.