If I Uninstall Office Will I Lose Documents

I need help uninstalling open office. I've lost files. Diseman October 16, 2016 at 09:19:29 Specs: Windows 10. If i uninstall office, will my files be saved in another format? I need the files, mostly word files, but don't want to use open office: See More. Some combined key strokes cause me to lose.

If I Uninstall Office Will I Lose Documents

Saving programs during reinstallThe thing to do in situations like that – when you get a download as yourdistribution of any software (be it Microsoft Office or anything else) – is tosave the file that you downloaded; pretend that is your master copy of thesoftware. Because it is.So, the thing to have done back then would have been to save it in a safeplace:. Maybe write it to CD. And squirrel the CD away somewhereBut whatever – save the original installation download!

If I Uninstall Office Will I Lose Documents

In reality, that'syour original installation media: what we refer to when it comes toinstallation time. Reinstall reformats the driveA traditional Windows installation will, in fact, reformat your harddrive and reinstall Windows from scratch. In doing so, it will erase all of theother software on your machine. Including Microsoft Office. The bottom line answer to your question of course is, 'Yes, you'll loseMicrosoft Office.' However, what I suggest you try is a repair install.

Repair installA repair install actually attempts to install Windows in place, on top ofthe existing copy of Windows, while preserving all of the installed settingsand software.The way to do that with Windows 7 is to, essentially, tell it toupgrade your existing version when you boot from the Windows 7 installationmedia. That's one way you can preserve what you have on your system withoutnecessarily erasing everything.The downside is that it may not fix whatever problem it is you're attemptingto fix by reinstalling Windows. The problem is it's preserving a bunch ofthings, a bunch of settings, a bunch of software.It may be that whatever is causing you to reinstallWindows is, in fact, one of those things: and it will be preserved. In thatcase, you may still want to reinstall Windows after you've tried this, but it'sthe only way I can think of that you're going to be able to preserve yourMicrosoft Office installation. Try open sourceThe only other option I can offer is (if you are strapped for cash andyou do need to reformat and reinstall for real) look into something from Open Officeor Libre Office, which is a free and open source Office equivalent.


If I Uninstall Office Will I Lose Documents On Computer

There areoccasionally some compatibility issues, but depending on how you use the tools,and what you're using them for, it could be a reasonable substitutefor Microsoft Office. John ChoganOctober 21, 2012 8:17 AMIt depends upon type of re-install. If you simply upgrade your OS to a newer version, chances are you will be able to use Office 2010 even afterwards. It also depends on Office 2010 bit type and OS bit type which you are going to upgrade.You can also view for more information and reviews.I hope it would be of some help.Comments on this entry are closed.If you have a question, start by using the search box up at thetop of the page - there's a very good chance thatyour question has already been answered on Ask Leo!If you don't find your answer, head out toto ask your question.