How To Install Smash Mods

  1. How To Install Smash Mods 5.5.2

Ayy, it's been a while. What's up guys, my name is Cy, and today, we'll be doing something with arguably the best Gamecube of all time, and that game is.Super Smash Bros. No, it's not an in-depth tutorial, but rather a modding tutorial. We'll be setting up mods for Melee.What you'll need:Dolphin Emulator (The Easy Way)A Super Smash Bros.

The Smash Repository in Kodi is the new home for a ton of the best Kodi addons. Install the Smash Repository today and stay up-to-date with unofficial Kodi addons. The Smash Repository also has links to other Addon Repositories such as Bubbles, DandyMedia, iStream, and Mucky Duck, which means that you can install these repositories and addons from the same source as well. OUTDATED BY NEW SMASH SELECTOR VERSION. A CFW (CUSTOM FIRMWARE) IS REQUIRED FOR THIS GUIDE. A9LH OR EMUNAND WILL BE FINE. Luma3DS IS RECOMMENDED FOR EASY SETUP AND BEST COMPATIBILITY WITH SMASH SELECTOR. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IN ANY WAY FOR ANY BANS THAT MAY OCCUR IN YOUR USE OF MODS. THESE ARE USER ERRORS POINTED OUT IN THIS GUIDE AND THEREFORE IT IS YOUR FAULT.

Melee 1.02 ISO (I'm not distributing shit. Find your own ISO.)GC Rebuilder (What you'll be using to build the mods):Now, after you've downloaded the stuff you need: including the Melee ISO, go ahead and open up Dolphin. Also, create a folder for the ISO, for example: DesktopRomsSuper Smash Bros.Next, open up GCRebulider. After that, go to 'Image', 'Open', and locate your Melee ISO. When that's finished, you'll see a bunch of files.Don't be afraid, some of the files are character files, which have costumes. Once you're searching up a skin at Modulous, just download it. For example we'll be using the 'Cloud 9 Falco' mod.

Download a mod that you like. There should be file downloading. Go ahead and extract it. For example, if you downloaded the Cloud 9 Falco mod, chances are it goes over his blue costume, but you can set it to any costume you like. So, open up the file, and you'll see a '.dat' file. For example, it would be '. For a Falco texture hack, it would be: '.

How To Install Smash Mods 5.5.2

Select 'Import', and then, locate your texture hack. (GG EZ.) Now, you're ready to play with the mod. Thanks for reading this guys, if you enjoyed, why not give a like to this blog? Also, you can leave your feedback and suggestions down below! It helps improve my blogs!Welp, until my next blog, or tutorial, peace!:v: 🏾:dizzy: Cy:dizzy.