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Similar help and support threadsThreadForumok im having a problem with this when i try to put some mods on fallout new vegas it comes up with thistryed to put the mod onto the data but it does not work plus i boaught the game using steam so that might be the problem idkGamingHello folks,This thread is all Fallout: New Vegas. Tech/Issues, thoughts, gameplay. Please have the courtesy of not posting anything that could be spoiler material.Thanks.With that said, here's some of my observations thus far. The game has issues with saves. See this post.GamingOk, I gave up on Fallout 3 and got Fallout New Vegas. But something is still wrong.

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When I try to get out of a casino in New Vegas I go to the door and press 'E' to leave but then when I press 'E' it Freezes but the audio keeps going. If I go to the door and just stand there nothing happens, but.GamingFallout: New Vegas for PC - GameSpotI'm so looking forward to this:)I allready know that this will be my game of the year;) Maybe together with FFXIV Online:)SitesSite LinksAbout UsFind Us.

Contents.Fallout Character CheatsThe most common cheats people want for Fallout: New Vegas are for changing the statistics of a character (player), like Strength and Lockpicking. 'player.modav' and 'player.getav'. To change a trait for your Fallout character, the player.modav command is used. To see what the trait is currently set to, player.getav is used.

Fallout New Vegas Console Tweaks. For new users Console is opened by ‘’ key, type ‘help’ and press enter to get list of all commands. However, steam wont let you obtain achievements if you use console commands. Player.forceav – Sets Any attribute, including s.p.e.c.i.a.l., skills resistances, weight limit, etc.

Each cheat code will increase or decrease the players skill level rather than set it directly. When 20 is entered, it will change the players skill by 20, not set it to 20. Each change is relative. Here are the 2 commands used with a Fallout characters skills:Character Cheats.

player.modav. change a specific skill by x amount. player.getav '. display a players skill level for a specific skillS.P.E.C.I.A.L. Fallout SPECIAL traitsSPECIAL abilities are the main statistics for a Fallout character, and they influence all other traits. To explain these abilities, and the traits they govern, see the Fallout Wiki article for:.

All of these cheats are relative, they do not set the trait, they change the value- addition or subtraction. Here are the SPECIAL abilities for a Fallout: New Vegas character:SPECIAL Abilities. Strength. Perception. Endurance. Charisma. Intelligence.

Agility. LuckExamples. player.modav strength 2. Increase the players strength by 2. (not set to 2).

player.modav intelligence -2. Decrease the players intelligence by 2. player.getav luck.

Display the characters luck skill levelSkills Cheats. Fallout New Vegas SkillsSkills are the secondary traits that a Fallout: New Vegas character has. These skills are partially determined by SPECIAL attributes, but can be leveled up individually also. Lockpick and Guns are some examples of skills. For more information about these skills, take a look at the Fallout Wiki article for. Skills can be changed in Fallout just like the SPECIAL traits.Fallout Skills. Barter.

Fallout New Vegas


Energy Weapons. Explosives. Guns. Lockpick. Medicine. Melee Weapons.

Repair. Science. Sneak. Speech. Survival. UnarmedExamples. player.modav repair 20.

This would add 20 to the players repair skill. player.modav barter -20. This would remove 20 from the players skill. player.getav medicine. This would print the players medicine skill levelStats Cheats. Fallout New Vegas Wallpaper 1920x1080This section of cheats will change specific, non-primary stats that a Fallout character has.

These stats are usually calculated from SPECIAL abilities, but they can be changed individually as well by using console commands. A more detailed explanation of these traits can be found at the Fallout Wiki forDerived Stats. actionpoints. carryweight.

criticalchance. damagethreshold. damageresistance. fatigue. fireresistance. hitpoints.

starvation. meleedamage. poisonresistance. radiationresistance. 2011 dodge charger garmin gps updates. skillrate. sleep. dehydration.

unarmeddamageExamples. player.modav carryweight 50. Increase the players backpack size by 50.

player.modav hitpoints 50. Increase the players hitpoints by 50.

player.getav meleedamage. Display the players meleedamagePerks Cheats. Fallout - Pip Boy - PerksPerks are extra skills or abilities that affect how the game and character act. The list of perks for Fallout: New Vegas is extensive, and is not yet part of this article.

A few of my favorite perks are listed below, but for a real list, go to. Perks are identified by an 8 character unique string in hex format.

It is possible to add perks and remove perks using the console. Here are some examples for enabling specific perks.Fallout Perk Cheats. player.addperk perkid. Add a perk. player.removeperk perkid.

Remove a perk. Fallout - Mister Sandman PerkBest Perks List (not complete!). Cannibal - 00094ebc.


Eat people!. Bloody Mess - 00094eba. Bodies explode. Strong Back - 00031dde. 50 pounds extra carryweight.

Mister Sandman - 00031dad. Kill sleeping people for extra XP. Jury Rigging - 00165815. Repair any item with a similar oneExamples.

player.addperk 00094ebc. Adds the cannibal perk to the player. player.addperk 00031dad. Adds the Mister Sandman perk to the playerGeneral Fallout Cheats and CommandsThere are many generic cheats and commands in Fallout: New Vegas.

These generic cheats are unique, and perform a specific function in the game. Most of these cheat commands do not have any parameters (options).Generic Cheats. help - lists all commands.

tgm - God mode (invincible). tcl - no clipping (walk through walls). QQQ - Fast quit game. CloseAllMenus - closes all menus in game.


Save - save the game with this title. saq - save and quitGraphics Commands.