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Absolutely ridiculous. In short, in the show I don't think we'll see any other Lord of Lannister than Tyrion - and maybe they'll just pretend like all cadet branches and distant cousins of House Lannister don't exist and just say that House Lannister is extinct. I don't think Brienne will have Jaime's child. Tywin Lannister is Lord of Casterly Rock, Shield of Lannisport, and Warden of the West. He is a calculating, ruthless, and controlling man. He is a calculating, ruthless, and controlling man. In his youth, he witnessed his father grow old and weak.


House Lannister ofCoat of armsA gold lion, on a crimson field( Gules, a lion or)WordsHear Me Roar!SeatLordQueen Dowager(claimant)RegionTitle(formerly)OverlordCadet Branch(possibly)(possibly)(possibly)Ancestral Weapon(lost)FounderFoundedHouse Lannister of Casterly Rock is one of the of, and the principal house of the. Their seat is, though exists that is based in nearby. Their sigil is a golden lion on a field of crimson. Their official motto is 'Hear Me Roar!'

However, their unofficial motto, equally well known, is 'A Lannister always pays his debts.' The is a Lannister by tradition.Fair-haired, tall, and handsome, the Lannisters are the blood of adventurers who carved out a mighty kingdom in the western hills and valleys. Through the female line they boast of descent from, the legendary trickster of the who tricked the members of into giving him during the era of the.

The Lannisters reigned as until the, when they were defeated at the. Though King escaped, he was captured the next day by Targaryen forces. His surrender to convinced Aegon to allow the Lannisters to remain the liege lords of the westerlands.The current is, whose daughter is the queen of King, while her twin, Ser, is a of Robert's. Tywin's youngest child is, a. Members of the family tend to have golden hair and emerald green eyes. Contents.History First Men KingsThe Lannisters suddenly appear as in historical records of the, ruling large portions of the westerlands from Casterly Rock just as the vanished from the chronicles. They claim descent from, the legendary figure who tricked the Casterlys from their seat,.According to a semi-canon source, members of lesser branches of the family left Casterly Rock and developed a nearby village into the city of, forming.

Meanwhile, the Lannisters of Casterly Rock grew to become. The first known King of the Rock was, although Lann the Clever has posthumously been called by the same title. Andal KingsDuring the of, House Lannister initially fought the invading Andal warlords and adventurers that ventured into the westerlands but then took a policy of arranging marriages between them and the daughters of the local houses.

They also took Andal sons and daughters as wards and fosterlings at Casterly Rock to prevent betrayals such as those that had happened in the. In time, the Lannister kings also wed their children to Andals, and when King died without male issue, a council crowned the Andal husband of Gerold's only daughter, Ser, who took the Lannister name. Thus the Lannisters became an Andal house, though their First Men name lived on.The gold of Casterly Rock, the and the has made them the wealthiest of the Great Houses. The keep at Casterly Rock sits on top of a gold mine, built into the very rock. From that lofty yet uncomfortable position, House Lannister rules over the westerlands and influences all of Westeros, by virtue of the kingdom's purse strings.House Lannister possessed an ancestral greatsword called, but it was lost when King went on a quest to and never returned. The Lannisters have been looking for a replacement ever since, though they have not stopped looking for their own lost ancestral sword., allowed his mother, the dowager queen, to be mutilated by the.

Her nephew, the King of the Rock, began a war which left the impoverished. Targaryen EraWhen the began and swept through the land, King of the Rock, sided with, against the. The two armies met in the Reach, where the combined might of the Reach and the Rock broke Aegon's army. Their army, dubbed by historians 'The Host of the Two Kings', numbered fifty-five thousand men; five thousand of them mounted knights, while the Targaryens had only ten thousand men, many of uncertain loyalty and reliability. With their smaller force severely weakened and in danger of routing, Aegon and his sisters deployed all three dragons at once; the only time this happened during.

Their combined fires scoured the battlefield, immolating more than four thousand men (including King Mern and his heirs) and giving the battle its name: The. After he was captured, King Loren the Last bent the knee and was allowed to remain Lord of Casterly Rock and became the first.The Lannisters were also involved in the Targaryen civil war, the.

It was a contest of claims between 's issue, by his first wife of and his issue, by his second wife of. The head of House Lannister at that time, Lord, supported the, along with his brother Ser, the and a member of the during the reign of. Tyland was named at the start of the Dance, and he seized the royal treasury and divided crown's gold into four parts. One part was entrusted to the care of the for safekeeping, another sent under strong guard to Casterly Rock and a third to. The remaining wealth was used by the greens for bribes and gifts and hiring. Lord Jason was killed in the, leaving Casterly Rock in disarray. The Lannister host under Lord was then shattered in the, the bloodiest battle of the war.

After the, Tyland was given to torturers in the hopes of recovering some of the crown's treasure.Several decades later, during the, Lord remained loyal to the Targaryens. The great rebel general Ser defeated him outside the gates of Lannisport. Damon and his heir Ser participated in the. Damon was defeated in the first tilt by Lord, while his son defeated his opponent to become a champion.

Tybolt inherited the lordship from Damon when the latter died of the. Was a suitor to Lady but much preferred to remain at Casterly Rock with his brother Tybolt.

When Lord raided the western coast during the early reign of, House Lannister built ships to fight him at sea.Tywin Lannister. By Nacho Molina ©In more recent times, during the lordship of, the house fell on hard times. Tytos's weakness allowed him to be bullied by his vassals, Houses. Eventually his son crushed the and restored the house to its former glory.

Soon thereafter, Tywin was made by, holding that position for many years. When Aerys was by, Tywin's conservative approach took six months to resolve the conflict. This instigated Aerys's paranoia and drove a wedge between the two, along with the king's lusting after, Tywin's wife, cousin, and trusted confidante.Despite Tywin's attempts to ensure a strong legacy, life at Casterly Rock was dysfunctional at best.

His twin children, and, began an incestuous relationship at an early age. Tywin was never a jovial man, but when Joanna died birthing their third child, he was much saddened. His brother, became his right hand and their sister, took a maternal role over the children. His second brother, died of a pox, and their youngest brother, sailed off on a journey to, never to be seen again.Cersei, while a young maid, visited a called, who shared portents of Cersei's future that planted seeds of her paranoia.

Cersei possibly murdered her friend, who had witnessed the prophecy. Tyrion, when thirteen years old, was out with Jaime when he met and married a girl named, a match which was quickly and savagely ended by their father. Tywin offered Tyrion to Houses, and, but he was rejected by all. Jaime was a promising young knight, dubbed by Ser. Tywin was devastated when Jaime joined King Aery's, breaking off a betrothal to. Upon this action (which he perceived as Aerys 'stealing' his heir), coupled with the Mad King's refusal to wed Prince to Cersei, Tywin resigned the Handship. This flew in the face of Jaime's plan, which was to be closer to Cersei: he was kept in King's Landing while Cersei returned to Casterly Rock.Robert's RebellionThe Lannisters stayed neutral for the majority of.

Only after the defeat of Prince in the did Lord bestir himself to join Lord against. Although Lord objected, Grand Maester, a Lannister loyalist, convinced King to open the capital's gates. During the, Ser Jaime Lannister, still a Kingsguard, slew Aerys, the last crowned Targaryen king. Meanwhile, Ser and Ser, two of Tywin's knights, killed Rhaegar's family to prove House Lannister's commitment to Robert's cause.Afterwards, Tywin's daughter Cersei was wed to the new king, Robert I. Had been the last Lannister to marry a member of, before the marriage of Robert and Cersei.

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Baratheon EraThe royal marriage and the increasing amount of gold owes to Lord have only increased Lannister power. Much of Tywin's energy is directed inward, ensuring all of his relatives do their part to uphold the family name.On behalf of, and began with the. Tywin joined Robert and Lord in invading the, however, and the rebellion was defeated.Tywin attended the in King's Landing. Queen and her children accompanied Tywin during his return to Casterly Rock; en route they were informed of the death of, Robert's.

Recent Events A Game of Thrones. Leads a Lannister army, by Amok © Fantasy Flight GamesKing travels to to ask his childhood friend, Lord, to succeed Lord as. The king is accompanied by Queen, their children, and Cersei's twin, Ser of the., the sister of Eddard's wife, sends a letter accusing Cersei and her family of having murdered Jon. One of Eddard's sons, witnesses the twins fornicating in the, and Jaime throws the boy from the tower. Bran survives but is left comatose.King Robert names Jaime the new instead of Jon's young son, Lord. Two of Cersei's cousins, and, attend Robert as squires., the younger brother of Cersei and Jaime, visits the at.attempts to kill Bran with a. His mother, Catelyn, travels to, where her childhood friend, Lord, informs her he had lost the dagger to Tyrion.

Catelyn later captures Tyrion at the, although he denies any involvement in attacking Bran. Instead of Winterfell, Catelyn brings Tyrion to the, where Lysa accuses him of having murdered Jon Arryn. Tyrion wins his freedom through 's victory in. While traveling the through the, Tyrion gains the as his allies.Meanwhile, Tyrion's capture by Catelyn prompted his father, Lord, to send Ser into the in an attempt to draw her husband, Lord Stark, into the field, hoping to capture him for an exchange. Eddard, however, is waylaid on the streets of by an angry Jaime and is injured in the melee.

Jaime rides for, and Eddard sends Lord to bring Gregor to justice.Eddard discovers that Cersei's children—Prince, Princess, and Prince —were fathered not by King Robert, but by the queen's brother, Jaime. Cersei fears for her children if Eddard informs Robert of her children's parentage. She has her cousin Lancel, Robert's squire, supply the king with during a boar hunt, resulting in Robert receiving a mortal wound in the. Eddard intends for to succeed his elder brother Robert instead of King Joffrey, Cersei refuses Eddard's warning to flee King's Landing, and she has Eddard imprisoned with the aid of Petyr Baelish and the. Tywin is named Hand of the King to Joffrey and Jaime, despite his absence, is named, replacing Ser.War breaks out in the, with Jaime winning victories over the river lords at the. Meanwhile, Tywin and his brother, Ser, capture several castles in the.

Eddard's son, marches south with a host of to rescue his father, however.Tywin repels one Stark army under Lord in the, during which Tyrion and his clansmen participate. Roose's force turns out to have been a feint, however. Unexpectedly aided by, Robb captures Jaime in the and breaks the Lannister siege of Riverrun in the.The intends for Eddard to if he admits to treason.

Joffrey orders the execution of Lord Stark, however, ruining any chance of peace. With the captured Jaime lost to him, Tywin orders Tyrion to act as Hand in the capital while Tywin campaigns in the riverlands. A Clash of Kings. Lord Host by Tomasz Jedruszek © Fantasy Flight Games's brothers, and, each contest right to the, while has been named. The conflict becomes known as the. Lord encamps at so that he can defend from attack. Ser begins to train another Lannister army in the.

Tywin forbade from bringing a, to the capital, but Tyrion brings her anyway.Tyrion, as acting, and Cersei, as Joffrey's, compete for influence in King's Landing, with Tyrion constantly outmaneuvering her. Desperate for allies, Tyrion makes moves to ally with. Part of this involves betrothing Joffrey's sister, Princess, to Prince. After her ship leaves port, the royal party is caught up in the provoked by King Joffrey. Has wed to so that the Lannisters can claim, but Tyrek disappears during the riot.Ser languishes in the dungeon of, despite to free him. Cersei replaces her twin in her bed with their cousin, Ser.

Tyrion blackmails Lancel into spying for him. Cersei threatens, whom she thinks is Tyrion's whore, and Tyrion threatens Cersei's children in return.Robb Stark bypasses the, destroys Stafford's army in the, and raids the westerlands. After Renly is assassinated and Stannis begins to besiege, Tywin's army marches from Harrenhal to confront Robb. The westermen are prevented access to their homelands across the by Ser, who is victorious in the. Stannis captures Storm's End sooner than expected and marches on King's Landing.Tywin is close enough to King's Landing to defend the city when he hears of Stannis's impending attack. Due to Tywin's presence, Tyrion's defensive preparations, and a new alliance with negotiated by Lord, the Lannisters are able to defeat Stannis in the, despite nearly suffering a rout of the when Cersei withdraws King Joffrey from the city walls.

Saves Tyrion from Ser during the battle.Following the Blackwater, most of Stannis's bannermen declare for Joffrey, and Lord Tywin takes up rule as Hand in his own right. A wounded Lancel receives, forming.Within the dungeon of Riverrun, Jaime admits to that he had thrown from the, but he denies having sent the. A Storm of Swords, having heard of of two of her sons and at the hands of the turncloak, releases Jaime from captivity at in an attempt to covertly exchange him for her daughters,. Unknown to most is that Arya escaped King's Landing long ago. And Ser, the son of Jaime's aunt, escort Jaime toward.

After sending his horsemen to search the for Jaime, Lord murders two of 's captives, Jaime's cousins. Cleos is eventually killed by outlaws near and Brienne and Jaime are captured by the. Their leader, has chop off Jaime's sword hand.Tywin refuses to appoint Tyrion as heir to, instead making him and wedding him to Sansa for her claim to and denying the chance to wed her to. Tywin's brother and right hand, Ser, is named. Tywin also betroths Joffrey to, and tries to re-wed Cersei, this time to Willas, but Lord refuses under pressure from his mother,. Cersei is shunned from the, and Tywin disregards her regency over Joffrey, insisting she follow her father's commands. Tywin restores the title of to and also reinstates as when he hears the plans to grant the title to a Tyrell uncle,.When Tywin discovers that has wed, a daughter of one of his minor bannermen, Lord, instead of a daughter of Lord, Tywin begins plotting with Jeyne's mother, the slighted Lord Frey, and the opportunistic Lord.

The Brave Companions bring Jaime to, which is held by Lord Bolton and Ser. Instead of returning Jaime to Lord at Riverrun, Roose decides to send his captive on to King's Landing while leaving Brienne with Vargo. Jaime returns to Harrenhal in time to rescue Brienne from Harrenhal's bear pit. Escorts them to the capital and treats Jaime's stump.Tywin's treachery is accomplished in the wedding of Edmure Tully to at the, where Robb, Catelyn, and many others are murdered under. The and are ousted from power, replaced respectively by the Lannister-backed and, although Lord has been named.

Tywin negotiates marriages to Freys for Ser, Ser,. Most of the Stark and Tully bannermen grudgingly return to the king's peace after the. With and Robb dead, repelled and with few followers, and the concentrating on the north, Lannister power is at its zenith.When King Joffrey unexpectedly dies at, Cersei wrongfully accuses Tyrion of the deed. Joffrey's younger brother, becomes king. Tywin is a judge at Tyrion's trial, along with Mace Tyrell and Prince, the Red Viper of. After a bevy of witnesses defame Tyrion, including those he thought his friends, the Imp demands a. Since Ser is appointed the royal champion, Prince Oberyn fights for Tyrion in an effort to avenge his sister, Princess, killed by Gregor during Tywin's.

Oberyn loses, however, and Tyrion is condemned to die.Jaime's return to the capital finds him a changed man, increasingly at odds with his family. He quarrels with Lord Tywin, refusing to resign from the to become heir to Casterly Rock. Tywin gifts him with a sword, but Jaime names it and gives it to Brienne, asking her to protect the missing Sansa Stark. Tyrion and Jaime separately conclude that Joffrey was responsible for sending the to assassinate. Before Tyrion can be executed Jaime forces to help him free his brother his cell; Tyrion reveals Cersei's infidelity but accepts false responsibility for Joffrey's death. During his escape, Tyrion strangles his former lover, and kills his father, Tywin, with a crossbow.At the, Sansa learns that and Petyr Baelish, not the Lannisters, were responsible for the death of Lord. A Feast for Crows.