Gta San Andreas House Interior Id

Contents.PlacesEven though the interior universe is a place itself, it contains many markers that allow the player to enter another place or hidden interior in the state of San Andreas.In GTA San Andreas there are 150 hidden interiors located in 18 different universes, or as it's called, heavens.

  1. Gta San Andreas Int Id

Gta San Andreas Int Id

Hello everybody i am adding some things to a RP server i download from socialz and i wonder how can i found the IDs? From wiki it says like that ID 6: Ammu-Nation 3 297.4460 -109.9680 1001.5160Ammu-Nation 4 317.2380 -168.0520 999.5930LSPD HQ 246.45 1003.6410Safe House 3 2333.0330 -1073.


Maud, continuing the theme of the opening of interiors, gives the opportunity to go into the house of Geoffrey 'OG Loc' Cross, the infamous rapper.The house is small, you do not disperse much there, but you can always grab a paintball with your paint if it's finished.Through the walls it was possible to pass, so I had to make my own collision - the first experience of creating a col-file seemed to be a success.And in addition, traditionally improved the texture of the room.Made at the request of one of the users.