Gta Sa Truck Mods

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TTrail / Truckswith trailer in trafficTTrailxxlEvery variations of trucks and trailers appear in the traffic, alsotowtruck which tows carsTTRAIL for SA MAPTTRAIL version which checks the zones of San Andreasto select the vehicle category for the assignmentTTRAILBusoptimized for model replacement with articulated bussesIt appear following trails:514 - 'PETROL' appears with 584 - 'PETROTR'515 - 'RDTRAIN' appears with 450 - 'ARTICT2'403 - 'LINERUN' appears with 435 - 'ARTICT1'552 - 'UTILITY' appears with 611 - 'UTILTR1'Downloads for articulated bus models.

Real Cars 2 is a modification (created by ) for the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It replaces the current in-game cars for authentic. In the basic version of this is lacking, because studio Rockstar not acquired the necessary licenses.

Gta Sa Truck Mods


Gta Sa Fire Truck Mods


For this reason, only the cars resemble the ancestors. Modification of gives them the appropriate names and change their models on those based on real. At the same time, they all present a distinctly higher level of detail than those from the cradle.The modification has its own Installer. Popular files for Grand Theft Auto: San AndreasNameTypeSizeDateTotal7 daysmod1007.8 MB1/.2K2.3Kmod1.2 MB6/.1K1.1Kmod165.4 MB2/4/201888.9K642mod2.4 MB3/.3K451patch10.9 MB8/10/200539.5K435mod7120.2 MB10/8/201817.9K416mod362.5 KB2/21/201617.3K333mod233.5 MB6/2/mod8.7 MB4/30/201649.9K141patch10.9 MB8/10/200552.1K132mod1643.2 MB12/4/20179.1K112mod83 MB6/20/20189K103mod908.5 MB9/4/201711.2K98mod304.9 MB6/21/20178.2K93mod875.8 MB32.7K84mod329.8 KB5.8K75.