Fate/stay Night: Realta Nua

SEE README FOR INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS-These patches are not compatible with save data made prior to Fate Patch 8 /UBW Patch 1. If you're coming from a earlier version you'll need to delete your old save data (.bmp snapshots and all.ksd and.ksd.

  1. Realta Nua Fate Stay Night

Obtain Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua (you'll know which version based on this. The game will be split into three parts, based on paths of the game. Edit each folder name so that there are no '/' marks, same thing for each game. Example for Fate would be 'Fate stay nightRealta Nua -Fate.exe.

If you want a full save for the Fate route, you can find it.Fate RouteFate WIP Patch 9 - All Days Inserted. Download from SolidfilesF ate H Patch 1c (Inserts H- scenes from original PC version, requires above patch). Download from SolidfilesUBW RouteUBW WIP Patch 2 f - All Days Inserted. Download from Solidfiles.

Realta Nua Fate Stay Night

  • How to Install: Download all parts and extract with latest winrar. Copy the entire “faterealtanuasavedata” folder to My Documents (C: Users.your user. Documents). Use this exes to launch the game: –To play -Fate-: Fate stay nightRealta Nua -Fate.exe –To play -Heaven’s Feel-: Fate stay nightRealta Nua -Heaven’s Feel.exe –To play -Unlimited Blade Works-: Fate stay night.
  • Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua (JPN) Vitamin 2.0 PS Vita VPK Download for the Sony PlayStation VITA/PSVITA. Game description, information and VPK/DUMP/ROM/ISO download page.

NOTE: This is not primarily a translation project and I cannot guarantee anything text-wise beyond what is already in mirror moon's patch.The purpose of this patch is to insert the existing English translation into the PC version of Realta Nua. At the moment most of the changes in the dialogue and narration are not reflected. This includes the All Ages changes so scenes that replace the H-scenes from the original PC version are left untranslated and references to th e H-scenes from the original translation have been carried over.The H Pat ch inserts the H-scenes from the original PC version.

Essentially it would be like a MUCH better version of the current RN Conversion patch. With this patch everything is fully translated so there 's really no reason to use the original PC version for the Fate route. I plan on uploading a patch with my current progress every week. Firstly as a measure of progress, secondly sincethis is going to be a lot of scripts I'm worried about QC so it wouldbe great if anyone wants to read through them and let me know about anyerrors.

Patches that are currently being worked on will occasionally have lines marked with //del//. These are lines that were removed from Realta Nua and I've chosen to mark them instead of deleting them to avoid having them mistaken as errors.If you find any problems, please report them here. ElpChidoriI would like to ask a question.First off, I have been following XerBlade as well as Waku Waku and appreciate your amazing efforts into this novel.My question is: I have noted that the Realta Nua version to be seemingly different wth the CGs, especially the BGM. Waku Waku, With all the conversion updates and whatsoever, will the Realta Nua / PC Version have any significant differences? I would like to experience the novel at its best.

Does that mean I have to download the Realta Nua version instead?And if yes, I would honestly appreciate it if anyone could share a link with that. I've seen that XerBlade has uploaded some new Realta Nua videos. I love the changes.Thanks for reading. AnonymousYou use the mirrormoon's patch?


Maybe what you have is the original PC version - the one released in 2004.FSN has 2 versions: original version and Realta NuaTo play the original version in english, you need the mirrormoon patch. Original version has H-scenes and has no Last Episode (aka to some, Saber's Epilogue). Realta Nua patch for this original version enhances one's experience in playing FSN by inserting realta nua stuffs (new CGs, Last Episode, etc.).The version for THIS patch (the patch in this thread) is the one released in 2011 (i think). This version, called Realta Nua was released first in PS2 (2006) and PS Vita and finally, ported to PC as I said in 2011. Realta Nua version is an all-age version, has no H-scene but with added/enhanced CGs and BGMs.Waku waku worked/still working on the Realta Nua patch for the original version. But, in THIS new project of him, he is making the English patch for the Realta Nua version ported to PC.