Dragon Age Origins Warden Armor Mod

Grey Wardens of Ferelden, in particular, imports armor from Dragon Age 2, as well as introduces a number of other armor texture mods for you to choose from. But there are also armor mods out there for robes, for upping the sexiness factor, even for improving the quality of your cringe-worthy undergarments. Go forth and play dress up. Page 1 of 3 - Grey Warden Runic Armor - posted in Dragon Age Mod Troubleshooting: So I recently updated my GW Runic Armor from 1.2 (which was perfect) to 2.1, and my armor in awakening disappeared. This fantastic mod for the Dragon Age Origins game is a retexture of the popular Grey Warden Runic Armor in a cool looking jet black variant.

Upgrading. ps3 xbox360 The armor can be upgraded by putting it in the, leaving the map and returning. pc The armor can only be upgraded by selling it to a such as.Notes. The set does not import into. A player character wearing the set at the end of Origins will begin Awakening without any armor at all.

However, the armor and fatigue will be carried onto the character, as if the armor merged with the character. This allows for a ridiculously damage-resistant imported warden-commander in Awakenings.

An unofficial mod can be found which allows users to transfer all of their items over to Awakening when making a new character or importing their Origins character. Make sure the items are in the inventory or being worn at the time of transfer. The armor scales with 's level – for example, the set is made of veridium (Tier 4) when it is found at level 9 and dragonbone (Tier 7) at level 18. The tier level is determined by the Warden's level when they first enter the Soldier's Peak area - not when they acquire the armor (i.e. If you are level 8 when you enter Soldier's Peak but level 9 when you acquire the armor, it will still be tier 3 Steel).

Dragon Age Origins Grey Warden Armor Mod

It is one of the most powerful armor set at tier 7 that provides extra amount of and for or to spam their destructive. It also helps to use their for tanking and reduces the stamina burden placed on Warriors due to their many passives. With the set bonus the total fatigue penalty becomes 16.35 not 28.35.Bugs. xbox360 the set is currently bugged and will therefore not give a set bonus. No griffon appears on the breastplate if character is a female.

Dragon Age Origins Warden Armor Mod

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The items are not overpowered and suit Leliana's looks and background quite well.-Loreseeker: 'Rather nicely implemented in the Urn Quest, imo. It has a hefty Dex bonus, so might be somewhat overpowered. I like the way it looks though - especially if Leliana fills the agile fighter combat role in the party.' -Loreseeker: 'Obtainable in Lothering Chantry (or via console later, apparently, but that doesn't appeal to me so I haven't tried it.) Takes only the chest slot in the inventory, so other items (boots, gloves, etc.) can be equipped at the same time, providing bonuses, but won't show in game (armour displays as a set, graphically) Decent bonus, but not too overpowered.'

Dragon Age Origins Warden Armor Mod Pack

-Adds a set for Elf Male (an Arcane Warrior version is provided). It looks really cool and original if a bit flashy. You get it for free.

Male characters only. For female characters use the (thanks to Celtic Dream for the link).-Celtic Dream: 'Black Templar's Armor set is also great - looks awesome and has some nice stats,. The Black Templar armor does work in Awakening'-Celtic Dream: 'the Grey Warden Set which also adds swords, greatswords, and shields to coordinate with the armor. the Grey Warden set does not work in Awakening.' -Adds a suit of armour that can be used by everyone. It's a green retexture of the Legion armour with nice stats.

It actually reminds me of the Ankheg plate in Baldur's Gate. You get it for free.-Perfect if you're looking for a Death Dealer look for your character. One version works for all races but it will look better on your main character.-Adds four custom staves to your inventory, a cobra, a stag, a globe (representing Thedas) and a skull. They look really good in game. Slightly overpowered but incredibly stylish.-Adds a very nice looking suit of armour perfect for a Templar.

It looks really good. It can be added to Bodahn's shop.-A really cool armour set designed for Elven Rogues (but wearable by other characters). Custom weapons are also added. It was made for Zevran.-Adds an item set for mages. It looks great compared to vanilla robes. Both male and female versions.-Adds different types of Warden shields in Bodahn's inventory (three shapes, lighter and darker tints). Nice for a change.-Adds a custom bow that looks quite weird but is really impressive and cool (depending on your taste).

Dragon age grey warden armor

If you're into dragon themed weapons that is just perfect.-Adds a collection of items made especially made for Arcane Warriors. The items can be added to Bodahn's shop.-Yet another armour, this one is a retexture of the Effort plate with a Grey Warden look.

It's not a replacer and you get it directly in your inventory for free.-An armour for human females, you get it directly in your inventory. It's different from most armour sets and is quite revealing without being vulgar.

There is a version with a skirt and another with a cape. It's still a WIP and the mod author is working on a medium set.-Another armour for human females, it has a nice leathery look and it's really different from vanilla armours and other modded armours. It would be a nice armour for a Rogue but it gives points to magic so you may want to give it a try with a Mage instead.-Adds sexier mage robes for female characters. They don't look like your character is running around in a bikini and they're not indecent. You can choose between a replacer and a standalone version (I recommend the non replacer).-Adds a sword, a gauntlet, a dagger and an armour based on Artemis Entreri's equipment in The Icewind Dale Trilogy.


You get them directly in your character's inventory.-Adds some very beautiful swords to the game and it's now a standalone mod (it used to be a replacer).-Longsword and dagger based on the Vigilance model. Both for DAO and Awakening.-Adds a really cool looking longsword (and great sword) based on the Voice of Velvet model, very stylish.-Adds a scythe to your inventory. It's big, it's overpowered but it looks really good (especially if wielded by a big fellow). A new version (smaller and more balanced) is available.-Adds a variety of original weapons to the game that can be bought from Bodahn. It includes Whitebark (a big maul, perfect if you want to toss the caber or play baseball with Darkspawn), Deadweight (an even bigger maul which looks as if it is made out of solid rock. Really cool if you're into really big weapons) and many other great weapons.-Adds a longsword and a greatsword to your inventory.

It looks incredibly good.-Adds a very nice looking bow to your inventory (it has a 'scaly' look that you may appreciate).-For male humans only. It adds an armour complete with necklace and staff for Arcane Warriors (but it can be used for other classes if you meet the Str requirements). The armour is definitely overpowered but it looks really good although some players may think it's not too lore friendly (it's based on the Slayers series). A red version is available.-Olimikrig: 'As the name of the mod indicates, the armour is for females only, the weapons, however, can be used by either gender. It looks absolutely amazing, best looking armour/weapon pack I've stumbled upon so far.

If coupled with it offers a lot of room for customizing the looks.' XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX​Last but not least, when starting a new game, you should disable mods that add items or new skills before starting the game. If you don't then they may not show up in game (while they're still enabled). Official DLC work fine in that respect and are not affected so you don't have to disable things like the Lucky Stone for instance. If you run into this issue, you should make a save, exit to the main menu, disable the content that is not showing in game, force load your save, make a new save, exit to the main menu, enable the content and load your last save. It's easier to just disable modded items before starting a new game.

Of course, you don't have to disable items that are added to a shop or a chest later in game, this is only relevant to items that spawn in your character's inventory.