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Dragon Age Origins Ashes Of Andraste

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2. Please respect others users' wishes to not be spoiled, especially pertaining to leaked materials. 3. Please don't spoil any other, non-Dragon Age media released within the last yearHow to use spoiler tags: !spoiler here! Just something interesting I found in the final area (where you finally kill Corypheus; after the dragon). This is on the floor there:That mural is actually part of.So what's a mural of Mythal that has to be from around the same time as the Temple of Mythal doing in the Temple of Sacred Ashes?

And why is Corypheus standing there to grant him power? As, it's because Mythal is Dumat, and Andraste was probably the OGB born with Dumat's soul.

(See the larger theory, credit to for that.)That's why the Temple of Sacred Ashes is evidently built upon a place sacred to Mythal, which was also used by the Tevinter as a place to call upon Dumat, going by the way Corypheus keeps 'praying' to him.That's also, I think, why it was important for Coryphefish to perform the ritual at the Temple of Sacred Ashes. This is such a good find. It makes perfect sense if that temple was a temple to Mythal and Solas!Shartan.

made it so that Andraste' ashes were laid to rest there. It'd also better explain some of the really complex spirit magic that guarded the ashes.I know history shows that Shartan was executed with/before Andraste, but Solas is a wiley lil wolf and I don't doubt he could have escaped or feigned his death in some way. Then afterwards (or gave directions before hand) orchestrated the placement of the ashes in an old Mythal temple with a new Andrastian temple built up around it. :See also: Elves#HistoryThe presence of figures depicting the elven gods lingers in the wild places of Thedas. The elven pantheon was revered in the time of Elvhenan, before the humans came to Thedas. Little is known about how the gods were worshipped at this time except that the gods had temples with guards in specially made armor, the elves worshiped their gods for months at a time, and that worship may have included rituals involving water and kneeling and praying before altars.Interesting: Parent commenter can. Will also delete on comment score of -1 or less.

Dragon Age Origins Romance

Please note this bot is in testing. Any help would be greatly appreciated, even if it is just a bug report! Please checkout the to submit bugs. Actually, if you talk to Josie after taming the dragon (assuming the Inquisitor drank from the Well of Sorrows), she says that Corypheus is waiting in the Temple of Sacred Ashes, and they should go confront him when they're ready.

She couldn't actually have known that before he restarted the Breach, now could she?Based on that, I think that conversation was a leftover from an earlier version that was overlooked, and the final battle was always meant to be in the Temple of Sacred Ashes, but the way it happened was changed. The idea of Andraste having the soul of Dumat since she was (I'm pretty sure) literally born the same year Dumat was slain, makes a whole lot of sense.Now there's also been a ton of speculation that, since he also appears to be totally immortal, Shartan and Solas are the same person/spirit god/whatever. There's actually a video that lays this out very well. Shartan and Andraste were allies, so while Andraste's ashes were ferried away by her countrymen, is it possible that Shartan/Dread Wolf guided the soul of Dumat/Mythal to someone else? Do we have a date for the birth of the 'original' human Felmeth?.