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2) The Full Tal Rasha’s Fire ball + Frozen orb Build2.1 Why this build?A fire ball (FB) + frozen orb (FO) build lets you do most hell areas pretty fast, and it doesn’t need expensive equipment to do so. The best thing about it is that it’s a dual element build, which means very few monsters are completely immune to it. So you basically have 3 different sources of damage – fire, cold and physical (which comes from your mercenary).2.2 AttributesEach time you level up (and also as a reward for a certain quest), you will receive 5 stat points to distribute among the four different attributes as you wish.2.2.1 StrengthStrength affects the melee damage your character does. As a caster our build has no need for this.

For Diablo II: Lord of Destruction on the PC, GameFAQs has 110 FAQs (game guides and walkthroughs).

However strength is also needed to be able to wear equipment. You will need 156 strength to wield a Spirit monarch. But you can also get strength from the items that you wear or have in your inventory. So put just enough into strength to reach 156 after you apply all the strength bonuses from the items.If you can’t afford a torch and annihilus charm immediately (see point 2.4.11), don’t worry. Just get 156 strength without them, and if you want to, you can respect once you get them, to spare yourself some points that you need elsewhere.2.2.2 DexterityDexterity determines your attack rating (which is to say your chance to hit an enemy with a melee or ranged physical attack) and affects your defence rating and blocking abilities. It also increases the damage you do using ranged weapons. Out of those, only defence rating and block are relevant.However the amount you would have to put into dexterity to reach a decent chance to block is too high with a monarch shield and the defense bonus is too small.

So no points in here.2.2.3 VitalitySimply put, vitality is your life. The more vitality you have, the more life you have, the less chance you have to die.It also increases your stamina but since you'll be teleporting around all the time, that's not really important.However life is the most important thing, high damage/mana won't help you if you're dead. So every point you can spare goes into Vitality.2.2.4 EnergyPoints in energy increase your mana, which is required to cast spells. This may surprise you but you don't want any points in here. You'll get enough mana from other sources.2.2.5 Attributes overview.

Strength: enough to reach 156 after you've counted in the bonuses from equipment. Dexterity: none. Vitality: everything else.

Energy: none.2.3 SkillsGoogle: indiablo skill calculatorEvery time you level up (and also as a reward for some quests), you will get a skill point to put in a skill of your choice. Your skills are how you get those big ugly evil monsters to die. As a FB/FO sorceress you will obviously be using Fire ball and Frozen orb. Another skill you might like is Meteor. I myself rarely use it, because it messes with your Frozen orb (see the link at the Casting delay note in point 1.3.1), but if you like it, feel free to use it.Some people like to use one of the 3 cold armors (usually Frozen armor) and/or Thunderstorm, I usually don’t use either.NOTE: Synergies are skills that add to the damage (or sometimes add other bonuses) to your skills. For example Meteor is a synergy to Fire ball, so each additional point in Meteor will also raise Fire ball’s damage.However only invested skill points into the synergies will give the synergetic bonus, any +skills from equipment or other sources don’t count.Also note that masteries are not subject to this rule, as they are technically not synergies (in their case the bonus to the damage of other skills is their primary purpose). So the +skills from equipment or other sources will affect their damage bonus.2.3.1 Lightning spellsStatic field1 point.

An extremely useful skill for bosses, it reduces their life by a percentage (only gets them to 50% maximum life in hell difficulty, though). However more points only increase its range and you'll get enough +skills for that from your equipment.Telekinesis1 point. Prerequisite for Teleport. Rarely useful.Teleport1 point. One of the best Sorceress skills, insanely useful. You will use this to move around when you're not in town, as well as to escape monster groups and to position yourself properly.

However more points only decrease the mana usage and you'll get enough +skills from equipment so you don't need more than 1 point in here.2.3.2 Cold spellsFrozen Armor&Shiver armor1 point (optional). Here it's up to you to decide. I personally don't use either of these but if you want a defense boost and some freezing power, put a point in Frozen Armor or both. Don't use these if you're using a holy freeze mercenary (see the mercenary section below).Ice bolt1 point.

Prerequisite and synergy to Frozen orb. However the 2% is a very small synergy bonus, so you will not be maxing this. You need the points elsewhere.Ice blast, Frost nova, Glacial spike, Blizzard1 point each. Prerequisites for Frozen orb. Not used.Cold masteryA great skill, reducing the enemies’ cold resistance, thereby boosting your damage a ton.

But don’t overdo it, resistances can’t go below -100% (-100% resistance means the monster takes double the normal damage).Most players (myself included) usually put enough in this skill to get it to somewhere around level 17 with equipment bonuses (at level 17 it reduces enemy cold resist by 100%, so it is fully effective on any monster, since no monster has a native negative cold resistance).So a few points should be enough.Frozen orb.20 points. Right, Frozen orb. Frozen orb is a great skill for many reasons. One of them is that, unlike most other skills, it doesn’t need synergies to be effective. It also does a nice amount of damage if used properly. There is a lot to be said about this skill, but most of it is already summarized. I highly suggest you read not only the guide, but also the subsequent comments.Note the mentioned term of ‘Sweetspotting’.

This is an incredibly important, almost vital technique to master. As is explained in that guide, the shards that come from the explosion at the end of the Orb’s path are the ones that do the real damage.

Diablo 2 Sorceress Build Fire

That means that, to do the most damage, you need to aim your Orb so that it explodes inside the target monster (this technique should always be used against bosses). Mastering this will take some practice but it’s well worth it.Keep in mind that while you’re casting Orb, you can always stick 2-3 Fireballs in between two Orb casts (because of Orb’s Cast delay), so always do that for some additional damage, unless your enemies are all fire immune.2.3.3 Fire spellsWarmth1 point (optional). A nice skill to have in my opinion, with the +skills from your equipment it will provide a decent boost to your mana replenish. This is a spell I like to see on any kind of sorceress.Inferno, Blaze, Fire wall1 point each, prerequisites for Meteor.Fire boltX points (see Fire mastery below for explanation). Prerequisite and synergy to both FB and Meteor.Fire ball20 points. Your main skill, beside FO.

You can cast 2-3 in between Orbs and each will do 8-10k+ damage.Meteor20 points. Synergy to FB and also a useful skill. Use it instead of FO when the monsters are cold immune.

Can take a bit of practice to master as well.Fire masteryRight, now the hard part about skilling a FB/FO sorceress. The points between Fire mastery and Fire bolt should be split in a precise way to maximize your Fire ball damage. To make matters worse, the optimal amount of points in each depends on your +all skills, your +fire mastery, your number of leftover points and so on.For maximum damage, play around with the skill calculator in the links above. If you don’t want to waste too much time, just keep your Fire mastery slvl 10 levels above your Fire bolt hlvl (see point 5.1 for the explanation of slvl and hlvl).2.3.4 Skills overviewPrerequisites that only need 1 point will not be listed. Static field: 1.

Teleport: 1. Frozen Armor: 1 (optional). Shiver Armor: 1 (even more optional). Frozen orb: 20. Cold mastery: enough for slvl 17. Warmth: 1 (very nice to have but not vital). Fire ball: 20.

Meteor: 20. Split the rest so that Fire mastery slvl = Fire bolt hlvl + 10. 2.4 EquipmentI will always list the item I recommend first.

If you choose another item, you will need to calculate some things, like how much%fcr you need to make up for in the other items.You will be using the full Tal Rasha set ( ) if you follow this guide completely. An often used same-cost alternative is the Tal trio (Tal belt, amulet and armor), Harlequin Crest Shako and The Occulus. The full comparison between the two setups is can be found in point 3.4.13 (it is done there for a Lightning Sorceress, but it is very similar for the FB/FO Sorceress, if anything the Tal set is even more superior in this case).2.4.1 WeaponTal Rasha's Lidless Eye Swirling CrystalThis is the weapon of choice, since you're going with the full Tal set. 20%fcr, mana, life, +1-2 to both masteries, +1 to sorceress skills, -15% enemy fire resist, +15% cold damage.You should look for one with +2 to fire and cold mastery. Do not use this weapon if you're not going with full Tal's.The Oculus Swirling CrystalThe best choice for this build in my opinion if for some reason you decide that you dislike the Tal set. Very cheap and effective, gives you +3 to sorceress skills and 30%fcr, as well as 20vitality, 20energy, 20all resistances, 50MF and 5 mana after each kill.The only downside is the 25% Chance to cast teleport, which can teleport you to a random location on your screen if you get hit.

Well, just another reason to avoid getting hit.2.4.2 Body ArmorTal Rasha's Guardianship Lacquered PlateWhether you go for the full Tal set or not, this is a good armor choice. It's cheap and offers a huge MF bonus, a lot of resists and 10%fcr when you wear another part of the set (which you will).Skin of the Vipermagi Serpentskin ArmorThis is a nice armor, if you decide not to go with the Full Tal set. It is fairly cheap and offers +1 to all skills, 30%fcr (helps you reach the desired fcr BP if you choose a different setup) and 20-35all resistances.Ormus Robes Dusk ShroudAnother decent unique armor, offers 10-15% spell damage, 20%fcr and a +3 skill bonus to any sorceress skill, excluding masteries, FO and Hydra. If you manage to get one that has good bonuses to fire and cold skills, and +3 to FB, this can be a great armor. However it will probably be a bit too costly.2.4.3 ShieldSpirit Monarch (Tal+Thul+Ort+Amn)One of the best runewords in the game (relative to price) in my opinion. The runes are very cheap, all can be acquired via nightmare/hell Countess. A 4 socket monarch can be bought cheap or found (I found mine at hell Countess as well) in many areas.This runeword gives you +2 skills, 25-35%fcr, fhr, resists, mana and vitality.If it has 35%fcr, you’ll be able to reach the fcr BP without a fcr ring, otherwise you’ll need one.Lidless Wall Grim ShieldA bit cheaper than spirit and it has a much lower strength requirement, but also offers much less.

Only gives +1 skills, 20fcr and a lot fewer other bonuses than Spirit.2.4.4 HelmTal Rasha's Horadric Crest Death MaskYou're only going to use this because you need it to complete the Tal set. Only offers 15res, mana, life, do not use it if you're not using full Tal's.Harlequin Crest Shakoa.k.a. The ultimate PvM helm. Very cheap and offers really nice bonuses: +2 skills, mana, life, MF, 10%physical damage reduction, +2 attributes.

Basically everything it offers is nice. Like with Oculus, you should use this if you're not going with the full Tal's.2.4.5 BeltTal Rasha's Fine-Spun Cloth Mesh BeltA nice belt, whether you go for full Tal or not. Mana, MF, 10%fcr if you wear 2 other Tal items.Arachnid Mesh Spiderweb SashA better belt, with +1 skills, 20%fcr, 5%max mana, but also a bit more costly. You can use this if you want and can afford it (if you don’t go with the full Tal setup, obviously).2.4.6 GlovesMagefist Light Gauntlets20%fcr, +25%mana replenish, +1 fire skills and cheap as well. You need the fcr and the +1 fire skills is a nice boost for your FB and Meteor.Trang-Oul's Claws Heavy Bracers20%fcr, 30 cold resist and they're cheap. Nice.2.4.7 BootsWar Traveler Battle BootsVitality, strength, MF and they're cheap.

Also the 25%frw is nice when you're in town.Silkweave Mesh Boots10%max mana, 5 mana after each kill, if you're having mana problems, try these. Again the 30%frw is nice in town.Sandstorm Trek Scarabshell BootsA bit more expensive than the WT, they offer similar vitality and strength bonuses and a decent amount of poison resist instead of the WT's MF. And they offer 20%fhr which means that you can reach the 86%fhr bp. However that bp is not necessary in pvm (even the 60% one is questionable).Aldur’s Advance Battle Boots40-50% fire resist (to cover the lack of fire resist on spirit) and 40%frw for when you’re in town.2.4.8 The switchWand of Lower ResistanceA wand with charges of the Lower Resistance curse.This is nice for monsters that are tough to kill, it speeds up the process a bit. It can also break a few monsters' immunities. You can buy this from any wand selling vendor on hell (Akara can be close to the waypoint, which makes it easy to quickly reset her stock). You can get 75 charges of level 2 Lower Resistance when you're level 76 and you can get 82 charges of level 3 Lower Resistance if you level all the way to 99 (not recommended).

The wand type doesn't matter.Call to Arms (Amn + Ral + Mal + Ist + Ohm) in a random weapon+2-6 to Battle Command and +1-6 to Battle Orders. This means +1 all skills and a life/mana boost. However the runeword is quite pricey and it's not really needed in pvm.If you somehow can afford it and you decide to go with this, also wear a second Spirit Monarch (Tal+Thul+Ort+Amn) for the +2 skills, which will further boost your Battle Command and Battle Orders.2.4.9 RingsIf your Spirit has less than 35%fcr, you’ll need one rare/ magic rings with 10%fcr and possibly other adds. Just look for ring drops while you're leveling and use whatever 10%fcr rings you find. If you get resist (or other useful) adds on them, even better, but any fcr ring will work.Dwarf Star RingWhen you have enough fcr, you can use this.

It gives some life and fire absorb, so if you have problems with fire attacks (Chaos Sanctuary is a place for those), get this.Wisp Projector RingMF and light absorb. If you have problems with lightning attacks (the Burning Souls in Baal’s Throne room and in a few other areas are a good example), get this.Nagelring RingYou can also use the Nagelring. It gives a MF bonus and is cheap.Stone of Jordan RingThis is the ring most casters use if they don't need any more fcr.

+1 skills and a very nice mana boost make it an awesome ring. However it can be quite expensive.2.4.10 AmuletTal Rasha's Adjudication Amulet+2 sorceress skills, lightning resist, mana, life, 10fcr with 4 Tal's items. It's a cheap and effective choice for an amulet.Mara's Kaleidoscope Amulet+2 skills, all resists, +5 attributes. A great amulet for any char, however it's more expensive than Tal's and you obviously can't have full Tal's if you wear it.2.4.11 InventoryHellfire torch Large Charm & Annihilus Small Charm - two insanely useful charms, both have +skills, +attributes and resists, anni offers an experience bonus as well.

Diablo 2 Sorceress Build Leveling

They can be a bit costly, depending on what stats you want on them, but they're worth it. You should be able to get low ones at a cheap price though.Gheed's Fortune Grand CharmA nice amount of MF and it's pretty cheap.Magic charms with resists (try to get all resists to 75 on hell), life, mana, MF.Don't fill up your inventory, you'll need some room to pick up items. 3) The Full Tal Rasha’s Lightning Build3.1 Why this build?A proper Lightning Sorceress is the fastest PvM character in the game. This full Tal Rasha build is to be used immediately when you can afford the Infinity runeword for your mercenary (see point 3.5.2/1).3.2 AttributesSee 2.2, it’s the same for this build.3.3 SkillsSmall difference in the one pointers, with the Lightning build I actually use Thunderstorm, because it can be nice with your +light skill grand charms (if you have any) and more importantly your lightning mastery.You will obviously mostly be using the skills from the Lightning skill tree.3.3.1 Lightning spellsStatic field1 point. See 2.3.1 for explanation.Telekinesis1 point.Teleport1 point.Charged bolt20 points. Prerequisite and synergy to Lightning and Chain lightning. Also useful against bosses if you get up close.Nova1 point at first, when you max your other skills, dump the rest of your skill points in this.

Rarely used.Thunderstorm1 point. You just have to cast it every now and then, it does the rest by itself. A bit of extra damage. If you manage to max nova, put the rest of the points here.Lightning20 points.

One of your two main skills. Useful for almost any situation. If the groups of monsters are large (and possibly in a straight line, though that rarely happens), it can hit even more monsters than Chain lightning, and it has 2-3 times Chain lightning’s damage. Also used for bosses if you don’t use charged bolt (with Lightning you can kill them from far away).Chain lightning20 points.

Diablo 2 Lightning Sorceress Build

Your other main skill, used for scattered groups.Lightning mastery20 points. 4) The Griffon’s Lightning Build4.1 Why this build?Remember that I said a Lightning Sorceress is the fastest PvM char if it’s properly used and equipped? Well, this is that mentioned proper equipment. It doesn’t have as much%MF as the previous two builds, but with its high killing speed that doesn’t really matter.4.2 AttributesSame as 2.2 or SkillsSame as EquipmentGuess what? This time you will not be using the full Tal set.

Don’t be, this setup is even more effective.4.4.1 WeaponEschuta's Temper Eldritch OrbOne of the two possible weapons, this one is a more damage-oriented one. With 40%fcr, +3skills and a lightning damage boost, it provides the best damage and it has a minor bonus of 20-30 to energy, increasing your mana.Heart of the Oak (Ko+Vex+Pul+Thul)The other option, this is a more safety-oriented one. Also has +3skills and 40%fcr, but instead of a damage boost offers 30-40all resists, some mana and Oak spirit charges (which increase your life a bit). I personally prefer Eschuta’s but use whichever you wish.Crescent Moon (Shael+Um+Tir)-35 enemy lightning resist, some magic absorb, and some mana after each kill. The –ELR can give a huge damage bonus. Unfortunately this weapon has no fcr, though. Use if you wish, but you’ll need to change some other equipment to reach the proper fcr BP.4.4.2 Body ArmorChains of Honor (Dol+Um+Ber+Ist)+2skills, massive resists, some life and%physical damage reduction.

A simply awesome armor.Skin of the Vipermagi Serpentskin ArmorA cheaper (and of course not as good) version of the Chains of Honor, but also has 30%fcr, which lets you switch some of your other equipment.4.4.3 ShieldSpirit Monarch (Tal+Thul+Ort+Amn)Needs to have at least 32%fcr.4.4.4 HelmGriffon’s Eye DiademThere is a reason I call this the Griffon’s build. This diadem is the one and only choice for any non-budget PvM Light Sorceress (or any other lightning using char, other than a trapper assassin). +1skills, 25%fcr, -enemy lightning resist, +lightning damage. Can be costly but it’s worth it. Look for one with high -enemy lightning resist, the +damage isn’t as important.4.4.5 BeltArachnid Mesh Spiderweb SashA belt with +1 skills, 20%fcr, 5%max mana. Not really many other choices.4.4.6 GlovesBloodfist Heavy GlovesLife and fhr, these gloves add some safety to your build.Chance Guards Chain GlovesIf you feel you need some more%MF, use these.Frostburn Gauntlets40%max mana. 5) Where and how to level and where and how to find items5.1 An explanation of terms and phrasesMf - Magic find, can also be used as a verb - I'm going to mf = I'm going to kill some monsters/bosses to try to get some good items.

When mfing, join random games with a lot of people. The more players there are in a game, the more items the monsters will drop. But the monsters will also have more life when there are more players in the game.Also used as short for%Better chance to find magic items, which is a mod that can spawn on various items. Generally more%MF means more unique/set/rare drops but the increase in chance quickly starts diminishing.Google: gta's guide to all that is itemsGoogle: diablo 2 wiki item generationRun - A repeated clearing of a certain area (or more areas) in subsequent games, with the goal being leveling or finding items. Example: Tristram run = killing tristram monsters to level up. When doing runs to level up, look for games, that will usually be titled something like Tristram-04 or Tristrun-002. The more people there are in a party, the faster you'll get experience.

When a game ends, the runner will usually make a new game with the next number (if a game's name is Tristrun-002, the next game's name will be Tristrun-003).Rush - When a player gets another player through the entire difficulty (starting with andariel quest and ending with either killing diablo, defeating the ancients or killing baal), doing only the necessary quests. For a better explanation of what you're supposed to do as the rusher (the person doing the rush) or the rushee (the person being rushed), try reading the rushing guide (Google: game faqs diablo 2 rush)Gater (a.k.a. Bumper) - Used in bug rushing, a gater is a player who hasn't yet completed the baal quest but meets the level requirement for it (20 in normal, 40 in nightmare). IF such a player is in a party with other players who do not meet the level requirement, when he gets the quest done (or is in the worldstone chamber when another player kills baal), they do too.Skill hard level (hlvl) - Points actually invested in the skill via skillpoints that you get when you level up or as quest rewards.Skill soft level (slvl) - Total skill level, including any +skill bonuses.