Delete Chrome History On Exit

Microsoft Edge may not come with loads of features but this is still fast loading, secure and a good solution for regular web browsers. Having said that, you also need to do something more to get better privacy while using Microsoft Edge web browser on Windows 10 computer.Whenever you browse the web, Windows 10 stores a copy of the web page on your computer in its Cache as well as saves the URL of the web page you visited n the form of Browsing History. The advantage of this function is you can check what you have browsed. The disadvantage of this feature is anybody can check which sites you visited. To solve that problem, there are two solutions. First, you can opt for or you can automatically make Edge browser clear or delete your browsing history on exit.


Delete Edge browsing history on exitTo do this, open Microsoft Edge browser, click on the three-dotted More button and go to Settings. Here, under Clear browsing data option, you will see Choose what to clear.

Click on it.On the next page, you can select the data you want to delete, every time Edge is closed. For instance, you can choose Browsing History, Cookies and saved website data, Cached data and files, Download history, Form data, Passwords. Clicking on the Show more link will display Media licenses, Pop-up exceptions, Location permissions, Full-screen permissions, and Notifications permissions options too.

How To Delete Chrome History On Exit

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Delete Chrome History On Exit 5

Jul 05, 2017  Web browsers normally save your private data—history, cookies, searches, downloads, and more—and only delete it when you ask. Fallout 4 abe lincoln center. If you are constantly clearing it, you can have any browser automatically clear private data when you close it. Deleteing browsing history How do I set Windows 10 to automatically delete browsing history on exit? This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. If you want Internet Explorer to delete your browsing on exit please refer the link below.