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Un bicchiere d'acqua. ― A glass of water.Usage notes In some rare cases represents the preposition:( “ from now on ” ) = ( “ from now on ” ) =Luxembourgish Pronunciation. : /d/ ( before vowels and voiced consonants ). : /t/ ( before voiceless consonants ). 2nd puc math paper.

: /-/ ( sometimes; see usage notes below )Determiner d' f or n. Reduced form of. Reduced form ofUsage notes. This article form is commonly not pronounced between /t/ and another consonant, and occasionally otherwise when the combination of preceding and following consonants creates an impossible cluster.

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Only rarely is this muteness avoided by using the full form of the article. Rather, the lack of an indefinite article becomes a definite article by default. Occasional ambiguities, particularly in the plural, are tolerated.Declension Luxembourgishmasculinefeminineneuterplural/( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )Middle French Preposition d'. form ofUsage notes. Earlier manuscripts omit the.