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This dataset presents detailed statistics on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from fuel combustion by product (coal/peat, oil, gas) and flow (manufacturing, main activity producer, construction and more). Data are presented from 1960 onwards. This dataset comprises a detailed set of statistics on.

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This paper attempts to investigate the impact of economic growth and CO 2 emissions on energy consumption for a global panel of 58 countries using dynamic panel data model estimated by means of the Generalized Method of Moments (GMM) for the period 1990–2012. We also estimate this relationship for three regional panels; namely, from Europe and North Asia, Latin America and Caribbean, and Sub-Saharan, North African and Middle Eastern. The empirical evidence indicates significant positive impact of CO 2 emissions on energy consumption for four global panels. Economic growth has a positive impact on energy consumption and statistically significant only for the four panel. Previous article in issue. Next article in issue.