Clicker Heroes How To Get Hero Souls

Posted on 14 March 17 at 15:52Hey guys (and girls? )I had a question about the hero souls and ancients.I went to the wiki page of clicker heroes for pc yesterday and saw that one hero soul is 10% extra DPS. Does the xbox one version have that as well?

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Because everytime i put a hero soul into an ancient, it will cost me 10% hero dps. I got an ancient that gives me 25% extra dps for every level upgraded, but i was wondering if it is useful to upgrade, since it will cost me 3 hero souls (-30% dps) for level 3 (+25%dps).Can anyone shed a light on how this game works with hero souls? Posted on 14 March 17 at 17:58Yeah i resetted them as well for this offline boost method. Now i got 80% more treasure chests, 50% more gold from treasure chests and 2% chance of primal bosses. (upgraded them all)I had two ancients before that were: 50% dps when idle and 50% gold when idle. I'm not idling using the offline method so i resetted them because of that.Guess i'm going to put all my hero souls into ancients then, thanks:)My relics are really really shitty (1% chance of primal boss, 1% damage to critical clicks and 1 second duration of golden clicks).

Transcendence is roughly a super-Ascension: in addition to sacrificing your Gold, Hero levels, and zone progress, you also sacrifice Ancients, Hero Souls, Relics and Gilds (not gilds purchased with Rubies, as you'll gradually earn them back). Essentially they boost the power of your Heroes, one Gild at a time. Each Gild level gives a 50% increase to a Hero's DPS - so a 4 Gilded Hero will have 200% DPS. Gilds are given to random Heroes when obtained, but it's not set in stone. You can move Gilds from one Hero to another random one for 2 Hero Souls.

Best for me is to ascend every time until i have some good relics? Posted on 14 March 17 at 19:19, Edited on 14 March 17 at 19:47 by Twigleaf TwigsThis game may look simple, but its really a mathematical Greek Tragedy if you go on a buying spree too soon.


As stated above, it boils down to 3 play styles. Active, Idle, or HybridMost will say not to deal with Ancients until you have around 10-15 Souls. However, if you can get lucky without ancient re-rolls, and have a high tier value (to your play style) Ancient show up early, I would suggest jump on it, but only to lock it in for easy upgrades. Such as Libertas, or Siyalatis for example (idle style).

Clicker Heroes How To Get Hero Souls Fast

Otherwise, you may spend a ton of Souls for re-rolls.Everyone hits a roadblock around 130-140 the first play. 140 boss is insane HP, and this is why H Souls for DPS is needed.You really cant permanently mess up, its just a matter of optimizing time of progression with Souls, Gilds, Ancients, and A(tran)scencions. You just have to balance keeping Souls active, versus the 10% dps offset for using one. There are many calculators out, specifically for optimizing this game.

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Clicker Heroes How To Get Hero Souls

Posted on 15 March 17 at 01:54You can find this on the wikis for this game out there, but I thought it was useful to state based on the OP.The DPS% from your Ancient Siyalatis multiplies with the DPS% from your hero souls, it does not add to it, which is why it is worth it to continue to put souls into that Ancient (if you want to do the idle play style).Say you have 10 Ancient Souls for +100%, and Siyalatas level 4 for +100%. Individually, each one doubles your damage (x2), but together, when idle, you get 2x2 = 4x the damage.The math gets a little tricky if you don't fully understand it, but there are calculators out there that can help you decide when to level the idle ancients to get the maximum potential for damage. The short answer is, it makes sense to continue to level Siyalatas (while keeping a healthy stash of Souls) to really maximize damage if you want to idle.Hope that helps!