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Advice 2): unless you need emergency replenish, when you summon a black ark it's best to let it camp the harbor until you can put some buildings on it. A naked black arc is a dead black arc even if you give it a full stack of corsairs to guard it. Except against skaven, skaven get butchered in auto resolve.

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'If they shall not bow to me, the rightful ruler of Ulthuan, then I shall see each tower crumble and every soul scourged in pain until they beg for my rule.' Long ago, the near-immortal Elves were a single race, united in outlook. Then came a great divide, when avarice, jealousy and malevolence boiled over and forever tore apart their civilisation. Denied the throne and then rejected by the god Asuryan’s purifying flames, Malekith, rightful son of Aenarion, has declared himself forever the enemy of Ulthuan and the Asur.Although Malekith’s broken body was healed by his mother, the Hag Sorceress Morathi, using magical means, he remains scarred from the encounter and twisted by an inalienable desire to avenge himself upon those once considered kin. There are none among the Druchii – Malekith’s Elven supporters – who have seen his face, for his entire body lies encased within a suit of enchanted, black-metal armour said to be fused to his flesh.

Many among the Druchii even mutter that Morathi’s Dark Magic has rendered her son immortal. Whether or not this is true, Malekith promises dire vengeance upon the Asur, vowing to wipe Ulthuan forever from the face of the world if he is denied the Phoenix Throne again.Deep within the Dark Elves’ bleak kingdom of Naggaroth, plans are afoot to bring about the High Elves’ downfall.

Warhammer 2 Black Ark Units

To this end, Malekith has spent centuries training to become the perfect warrior, a much-dreaded sorcerer, and an ‘inspirational’ leader, although fear of the ‘Witch King’, as he is now known is, in many cases, the galvanising element.Malekith’s forces have followed him across the world in pursuit of his dark goal, and have faced the High Elves on many occasions; in spite of this, Ulthuan still stands. Nothing if not persistent, Malekith knows that soon there will be a final reckoning between the Elves – the Druchii will rise, the Asur will fall, and the work of millennia will at last be complete. If the Witch King cannot rule Ulthuan, then no one will!