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Priest Addons Addons will be helpful to make the missions of Discipline Priest easier and more convenient. Do not lose a chance to get acquainted with the following Addons and choose the most interesting for yourself. Also, you can check full BfA addons guide. Raid frames: Grid 2, ElvUI, VuhDo, Clique. UI: Elvui, WeakAura, Bartender, Z-Pearl, Quartz.

HSW (Healer Stat Weights) is an addon that automatically calculates your stat weights based on the content that you’re currently running. It’ll tell you what your strongest and weakest stats are and you can use that information for you enchants, gems and general gearing decisions.

It does all the work for you so that you can avoid any complicated math. The weights that it calculates for you are based off your own playstyle, gear, talents, and Azerite traits giving you a lot more precision than any generic stat weights that you might find on the internet (which are always inaccurate). If you’re min-maxing then this isn’t a replacement for your spec spreadsheets but it’s an incredibly powerful and convenient tool to use alongside them.HSW has re-entered development.

It should once again give accurate information for Resto Druids and Mistweaver Monks.How do I get it? Why the zeroes?You can grab it from Curse at or your Twitch client. Install it in your WoW directory with the rest of your addons and you’re set. Once you’re in game type /hsw and check boxes based on the type of content you want weights for. Avoid filling your history with information that isn’t useful to you by turning on the highest level of dungeon and raid that you complete and leaving the others unticked.Remember that your weights are based off what you’re fighting so you’re going to see a whole lot of zeroes until you raid or jump into a dungeon. You want your weights to reflect the boss you’re currently progressing on so don’t jump into an LFR if you’re a mythic raider.

I did a boss. What do the numbers mean?You should end up with something like this (example only, of course):Intellect will always display 1 and then all other stats are based off that. So, in the Current Fight table above gaining 1 point of mastery is 3.44 times as good as gaining 1 point of intellect.

You can use this information to make gearing decisions, and the addon has a Pawn export to make your life really easy.Let’s compare two stat stick trinkets to see how the numbers shake out. A 323 mastery stat stick has 175 intellect and 131 mastery. This gives it a score of 175 + 131. 3.44 = 626. A 333 versatility stat stick has 193 intellect and 138 versatility. This gives it a score of 193 + 138. 2.02 = 471So my 323 mastery stick is stronger, despite being a lower ilvl.

All items can be compared this way. This early in the expansion higher ilvl upgrades are often best since intellect has such a high weighting. Raiders will want to enchant and gem based on the stat with the highest weight on the fight you’re currently progressing on. By exporting your weights to the Pawn addon you can avoid doing any math while still having stat weights you can rely on.Exporting to Pawn. Hit the trumpet icon above your weights. Copy the string from the box. Open Pawn and hit Import to paste the string.

You’re set.Your fight historyThe HSW history function lets you check out your weights from previous fights. You can find it by typing /hsw and hitting the History tab. You can also click the page icon on the frame to flick through recent fights. Your fight history is saved between sessions.

You can also see what your weights were over an entire Mythic+ run.Setting up for dungeonsMana isn’t as big a concern for healers in most dungeon content, and so we start judging haste on how many extra casts it lets us fit into a fight or specific healing window. You’ll need to change a setting in HSW to reflect Hastes increased value. Type /hsw and uncheck the following box. You’ll need to turn it back on when you raid.


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Good question;Yes, the addon does account for double-dipping haste interactions with atonement. The two parts to the calculation are:1) The heal per cast value of atonement applicators depends on chain-casting damaging spells which transfer to atonement.2) The heal per cast value of damaging spells which transfer to atonement depends on chain-casting atonement applicators.Both parts are included in the HPC value of haste. Also, if youre focusing on min/maxing your burst windows, you might consider using the HPCT value of haste (especially if getting external innervates). In either case, the result is a reasonable estimation of haste’s impact on your effective healing, including burst windows But, your effective healing is impacted by your playstyle, and haste helps make that playstyle a little easier. So there’s some “hidden” value of haste that’s not captured by the addon.Hope that makes sense. HPCT is how much extra healing Haste contributes if you’re chaining spells back to back. Haste lets you cast more spells and casting more spells means you do more healing.

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This is really valuable in situations where you don’t care much about mana.In raid however you’re more restricted by your mana than your cast times. Fitting more spells into healing windows is still valuable, but we care more about how much extra healing gives us for every mana we spend. Resto Druids for example gets more healing from every HoT with every point of haste because it increases the number of HoT ticks we get. The addon would include these in its HPM stat weight.It’s often best to use the HPCT haste value in dungeons, and HPM in raids. Hi,Very nice addon, gave it a try recently as MW. I wonder if haste (HPCT, ignoring mana cost) is correctly implemented for them, I mean does HPCT account for mastery and double mastery (EF hots) procs on SooM, vivify and envm?I was a bit surprised to see haste (HPCT) having the lowest weight of all stats for the total of a few MM0.

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Mastery is best by a significant margin, so that’s why I wonder if most of that mastery part of healing, impacted by haste, is handled well. Each mastery heal is separated from the main heal it procs from in the logs, so maybeSorry for crappy english, hope it makes sense.