Best Weapons In Fallout New Vegas

Weapons of the New Millenia. This mod delivers a whopping pack of weapons into New Vegas, everything from an AK-47 to a Bushmaster M4A1 to a Colt M1911. It's a compilation of Team Millenia's brilliant modern firearms all in one place, and you can choose how you acquire these weapons—either through the use of cheat cabinets which give you.

Instead of the usual rules lawyering this kind of thread gets I can shed some more light on why you don't see a whole lot Corvus:-Texture quality and resolution between games: New Vegas was a very low res game compared to Fallout 4, and a simple high res skin isn't going to change that.-Weapon parts themselves: another issue is the modular system Fallout 4 uses vs NV. Even with a few base mods, many of NV's weapons are in a fixed state where they don't change too much and would clash with other weapons.-Almost every mesh has to be done from scratch. This is the last one, but a huge one. Even after you get through the other points the meshes have to be redone.and. match up to some extent with current animations. You could fub it like that dude that did the Laser RCW port did but the end result looks poor as hell and not the kind of work someone like DOOMBASED would want his name attached to.-And lastly.well we kinda know you guys want these, and we all have weapons we as modders want to see in first.

Sure NV has some amazing weapons to recreate but some folks might want to go for more scratch builds and bring back things from maybe even earlier Fallout games.If it's something you really want to see yourself, there's really one good option: help out, learn 3D modeling and try cooking up your own meshes as resources for folks to use. Consider the limitations of the game and time involved and reimagine the weapons if you need to a bit so they fit. There is a FO4 mod that ports over FO3/NV weapon mods. I forget what it's called, but have a look around and you'll find it. I think King Fu Man is right though - based on the screenshots, the texture and resolution quality stood out like a sore thumb.On a side note, why exactly is Beth so opposed to porting between their games? I can understand the legal ramifications with a non-Beth game. But when it is between, say FO NV and FO4, I see no obvious reasons.

It's not as if they're still selling a huge number of NV games. Just curious about the reasoning. People are porting over weapons to FO4 but not just ripping content - custom meshes, textures and sounds in order to not get their butts sued off. As such this takes time, but as an example there's already a laser RCW mod that doesn't use NV's assets but it's not to my liking if I say so myself.Kung Fu mentioned something about the weapon modding system and how much different to NV it's not too different, the main thing is that it's just tedious to make so many object mods.Thinking about it now, I think even the devs thought it so tedious that they ended up just creating templates of object mods because they couldn't/didn't bother thinking of unique mods.

Best Weapons In Fallout New Vegas

Copyrighting and pirating most likely. If I were to port A Light Shining In The Darkness to Fallout 4 using New Vegas assets, I'm essentially helping you steal content which you may not have purchased. If I were to make A Light Shining In The Darkness using my own knowledge and tools and built the assets from scratch then it shouldn't be an issue. Basically something for lawyers and intellectual property rights to really go over.Good point. Now that you put it that way, I guess it is technically piracy if the mod user hasn't bought a copy of the older game. Another legal reason is that Beth probably doesn't always use 100% their own in-house developed assets, they may use contractors etc.

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The best weapons in fallout new vegas

Who have agreements allowing the assets use in that one specific game but not others without a new contract. Consider voice actors, their contract and payment is specific to their voice being used in that one game. If Bethesda reused their voice acting in additional games without paying them more, that would be a serious legal problem. If Bethesda outsources some of the mesh modeling/texturing work (which would be likely and logical), it's essentially the same problem.

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So they can't allow ports because it causes legal difficulties for licensing.