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May 18, 2019  However, you cannot talk about the best electric guitar brands without immediately mentioning Fender and Gibson. Established in 1946 and 1902 respectively, these two iconic American companies are the undisputed kings when it comes to electric guitar, with Fender’s legendary Telecaster and Stratocaster rivalled by Gibson’s famous Les Paul. But buying an electric guitar can be a challenge, especially if you're a brand new player, or you're purchasing one as a gift. An electric guitar can be an expensive purchase, so you don't want to make the wrong choice and end up with a sub-par instrument. If you're in need of some assistance, you've come to the right place.

As a testament to how effective the original design is, most of the specs and even the hardware design of the original are followed even to this day. The main distinction of this iteration is its wider fretboard radius of 9.5', which makes it easier on the hands. Everything else is pretty much standard, from its double cutaway alder body, to its 25.5' scale bolt-on maple neck, down to its narrower nut-width of 1.65'. Giving this guitar its '50s era voicing are three '59 Pure Vintage Single-coils pickups.With its legacy, reputation, and its continued feature improvements, it's hard to go wrong with today's Fender American Original '50s Stratocaster.Here's a classic video of the Stratocaster in the hands of guitar legend Jimi Hendrix. Gibson Custom 1961 ES-335 Reissue VOSFirst released in the '50s, the Gibson ES-335 is considered as the first mass-produced semi-hollow electric-guitar. And up to this day, it continues to be among the most sought after guitars in the market, spawning multiple variant models that have been put to use by professional guitarists like Larry Carlton, B.B. King, Eric Johnson, Steve Howie and many more.

It even invaded pop culture in the hands of Marty McFly, which incidentally went on to influence many other players. This particular version has period-correct specifications, tone, and aesthetic embellishments, based on early '60s models, to make it look and sound as close as possible to existing vintage ES-335s. Gibson even modified the truss rod to mimic the original and used hide glue for the neck joint instead of synthetic glue. Other features include Adirondack spruce bracing, 3-ply top and back crafted from maple and poplar, Kluson Double Ring vintage style tuners and MHS humbuckers. As expected, it does command quite the premium price tag.With its jaw-dropping looks and classic tone, the Gibson Custom 1961 ES-335 is well worth investing in.If you haven't yet, check out the video below, and see the ES-335 in the hands of virtuoso Larry Carlton.

The Les Paul Studio Tribute is a streamlined version of the original, meant to compete with other mid-tier guitars. The 2019 version of this guitar doesn't stray too far from the more expensive models in terms of looks.

While there are no high-grade tonewoods involved, it does follow the tried and tested formula of having a single cutaway mahogany body and carved maple top. The same goes with its 24.75' scale neck, 22-fret rosewood fretboard, and 1.695' nut width. Finally, it is equipped with a 490R humbucker for the neck and a 490T humbucker for the bridge, which reproduces the sound of old Les Pauls from the '60s.In conclusion, the Les Paul Studio Tribute 2019 lets you play the guitar that many iconic players played at a lower and more accessible price point. Giving this guitar its voice is a 58/15 neck pick up that's tweaked to recreate vintage tones, along with a Santana signature bridge pickup that recreates the famous Santana tone and sustain.

It also comes equipped with the best hardware in PRS inventory, including the PRS III tremolo which is the latest and most reliable tremolo design that the company has been producing.Even if you're not a fan of Carlos Santana or PRS, this fancy guitar is quite the catch for those who are willing to invest.See Carlos Santana don his PRS signature guitar in this very popular collaboration with vocalist Rob Thomas. The shape and overall profile of the guitar follows after the original, including the heel, headstock profile and neck specifications. For its price, this guitar even comes with a maple top on its mahogany body, a feature usually found on more expensive instruments. Sound wise, this guitar features a pair of PRS 85/15 S pickups with push-pull tone knob that allows for single coil tones.The SE Standard 24 gives you true to form PRS quality at a more reasonable price point, its sonic versatility and overall quality makes it very easy to recommend. The JEM7V is a Steve Vai signature model based on early JEMs he helped create. It comes with 3 different DiMarzio Evolution pickups that were handpicked by Steve Vai himself to give him the various tones that he needs for his expressive solo work, and intricate rhythm textures. The body is crafted from alder, while the low profile 5-pc Maple/Walnut and 24-fret, 25.5' scale length rosewood fingerboard provide the fast playability expected of the brand.

Other features include the Edge tremolo, 1.69' nut width, tree of life inlay, and it comes wrapped in the famous white finish.It's going to be hard to find a guitar that can match, let alone outclass, this iconic shred machine. Even if you're not into Steve Vai's eclectic guitar style, the Jem7V is still well worth looking into.See the story behind the Steve Vai Jem signature guitar:See the Ibanez Jem in the hands of a master. At the core of this retro looking shred machine is a double cutaway basswood body that's based on the Ibanez Jem, sans the monkey grip. It is joined with a 5-piece maple/walnut neck that's very easy on the hands, thanks to its Super Wizard neck profile. Pickup configuration also follows after the original, with two humbuckers for the bridge and neck, and a single coil middle pickup.

Finally it sports an all-black hardware setup, including its Gotoh machine heads and the Edge locking tremolo.The Ibanez Genesis Collection RG550 is a wallet-friendly shred machine, highly recommended if you're looking for a cost-effective way to play fast and furious.See the Ibanez Genesis Collection. Other than its black color, the main selling point of this Epiphone SG is its two Gibson USA Tony Iommi Signature Humbuckers. Another distinct feature of the Tony Iommi SG Custom is the use of iron cross inlays across its 24-fret bound rosewood fingerboard. Everything else is pretty much standard, including its twin horn double cutaway mahogany body, mahogany neck with a scale length of 24.75' and 1.6875' nut width.You don't have to be a Tony Iommi fan, and you don't even have to be a metalhead, to appreciate the value that this guitar brings to the table. It wouldn't be called a tribute if it didn't follow convention, so having a mahogany body with an arched maple top is expected.

Epiphone also designed the neck to mimic the playability of old LPs, giving this guitar a 1960s SlimTaper D profile. However, what makes the Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus stand out is the use of two Gibson USA '57 Classic humbucking pickups, which essentially gives this Les Paul a more premium Gibson voice, at a fraction of the price.For a mid-range guitar, the Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus gives a you quite a lot of premium bang for your buck. Rickenbacker 325C64 JetgloThe Rickenbacker 325C64 Jetglo is a modern reproduction of the original Rickenbacker 325, which John Lennon brandished in the early days of the 'Fab Four'. It has the same distinct double cutaway profile that oozes with vintage British invasion era appeal. What sets it apart is its set of three single coil 'Toaster Top' pickups, with the middle and neck pickup wired together to work as one humbucker pickup.

They are controlled by indpendent volume and tone knobs, as well as a neck blend knob that lets you adjust the balance between the neck and mid pickups. The semi-hollow body of the Rickenbacker 325C64 is crafted from maple, with a hand-carved top. The neck is also made from maple, topped with a 21' scale length rosewood fingerboard which many may consider short in today's standards - but just the right length to give the guitar its distinct jangly tone and comfortable playability. Wrapping up its features is its vintage-inspired roller bridge and accent vibrato tailpiece.With its legacy, overall quality, and distinct pickup configuration, the Rickenbacker 325C64 is an excellent guitar to show-off to your friends.See the Rickenbacker 325 make history in the hands of John Lennon back in 1964. Rickenbacker 620 Deluxe FiregloThe Rickenbacker 620 Deluxe is a solidbody guitar with a unique double cutaway body profile that is described as a cresting wave, making it hard to mistake for a guitar from other manufacturers.

Equally unique is its electronics, which include a pair of hi-gain single-coil pickups that can be output separately via the guitar's dual Rick-O-sound output. This means that you can route your neck pickup to a different amp and set of effects, and run your humbucker to something totally different. There's also a blend knob if you want to balance the mix of the two pickups when used together in the mid position. To match its old school looks with vintage style tones, Gretsch equipped the G6136-55GE with a pair of TV Jones T'Armond pickups.These are routed to two dedicated volume controls, one master tone control and one master volume control, a combination that's different from what others have to offer. Aesthetics is obviously its strong point, with its white gloss Nitrocellulose lacquer finish, black and gold hardware, and Mother-of-Pearl inlays.With its elegant white finish and aesthetics, the Gretsch G6136-55GE Vintage Select 1955 White Falcon is a true dream guitar. It features two Black Top Filter'Tron humbucking pickups, both of which are tweaked to reproduce Gretsch's distinct punch and twang all while keeping the price tag reasonable.

In addition, it also comes with Bigsby licensed vibrato bridge, that allows for more sonic expression via pitch modulation. Its 24.6' scale maple neck is topped by a rosewood fingerboard. Completing its look are bindings on the body, fingerboard and f-holes.If you're looking to get that genuine Gretsch look, feel and sound at a more wallet-friendly price, then check out the Gretsch G520T Electromatic. The VH-2 Vintage is basically a super strat with active pickups, tweaked to meet the playability and tone demands of Metallica's lead guitarist. It has a double cutaway alder body in aged black finish, complete with chipped paint, stickers and other cosmetic details found on Kirk's actual guitar. Giving this guitar its metal friendly voice are two active EMG humbuckers, the EMG 60 and EMG 81. Other hardware include an original Floyd Rose tremolo, and Gotoh tuners.You don't have to be a fan of Metallica or Kirk Hammett to appreciate this guitar.

ESP calls the body shape 'Eclipse', which in the case of this guitar, is crafted from mahogany and paired with an arched flame maple top. The body is then wrapped in amber sunburst finish that complements the beautiful grains of the top. The guitar has a maple neck with a thin U profile and a 24-fret rosewood fingerboard. It is meant to play fast and smooth, with its 24.75' scale length and narrow 1.65' nut width. ESP opted for two Seymour Duncan pickups for this guitar, the '59 Humbucker for the neck and the hotter JB Humbucker on the bridge - both of which can handle both clean and high gain tones.Instead of going through the all too familiar Super Strat route, why not shred on a hot-rodded LP style guitar like the ESP LTD EC-1000FM? Godin 5th Avenue Uptown CustomWhile vintage archtops look and sound great, they are usually very expensive and many of them are probably not sturdy enough for regular use on the road.

The 5th Avenue Uptown Custom aims to provide you with the same old school tone and visuals, with Godin's brand of modern structural stability, improved intonation and better overall reliability. Like all Godin guitars, the 5th Avenue Uptown Custom is crafted in Canada using locally sourced Canadian wild cherry wood, which is a staple in all their guitars. The neck is crafted from silver leaf maple, topped with a 16' radius fingerboard that's made of Richlite, a modern composite material that's highly sustainable, it is described as resin-infused paper. Neck specifications indicate that it has a nut width of 1.72', a scale length of 24.84' and a total of 21 frets.

Completing its old school appeal is a Bigsby bridge. Soundwise, the neck position has a Godin Kingpin P90, voiced to replicate vintage P90 pickups. The bridge position comes with a Seymour Duncan '59 SH-1b, which is based on late '50s humbuckers.If you're looking for a roadworthy archtop with modern reliability, then don't look past this Canadian gem of a guitar. The LGXT comes with 2 Seymour Duncan custom humbucker pickups that give it a classic electric guitar sound.

The piezo pickup with custom preamp EQ makes it sound very much like an acoustic guitar. With the built-in synth pickup you can get just about any sound you want via a Roland GR series synth. It has a silver leaf maple solid body with a figured maple top and a mahogany neck with a richlite fingerboard on top which Godin says makes the action even better when using a synth.

Electric Guitar Manufacturers List

It has a full 25.5' scale length and 1.6875' nut width.This is a guitar for experienced players and I wouldn't recommend it for beginners as the string tension on the longer scale can be difficult to get used to when you're starting out.Related Articles. My first Custom was a Charvel/Jackson Star body with a custom white paint with bullet holes and dripping blood from the holes!

My friend and Guitar teacher Randy Rhoads helped me get started on the right track in 1980,before I was playing in clubs and headlining shows later in the 80s and 90s,I was set with the perfect guitar! Gibson is just a brand name,Epiphones are better then Gibsons,your just paying for a name,same with Fender! Remember,one of the greatest guitars was made for less then $300,so you should never really spend more then that unless it is a custom,then you can do what you have to!

I own some 13 or so, high end American, Canadian and/or Japanese 6 strings 7 basses and a full studip of gear and if my opinion means FA then I can't help but not mention my Washburn Custom Shop WV548! It has Parker guitars (famous for the FLY) patented composite glass carbon fiber fretboard, EMG active PU's (81, 85) and a real Floyd with the Buzz Feiten system and it is bar none, the fastest, smoothest, and by far the nicest playing (and sounding for that matter) guitar I own or have played in my some 30 odd years plus, playing electrics.BTW this is versus my Jackson RR1, 1958 VOS Les Paul, Shred V, 67 Flying V custom, RD Standard, USA Charvel custom shop, USA DLX Ash Telecaster, Lado TL60 Prototype, and more etc.

Where do you people get off not even mentioning BC Rich. They have a fine selection of Guitars, they use some of the best woods you can ask for, very good electronics, and Kerry King of Slayer fame will only play BC Rich, that in itself should be enough said.

On top of that the body styles that they have to choose from is far more innovative and original than anything that Ibanez could ever dream of producing. Fender and Gibson are in fact the most well known guitars in the world but frankly the body styles are outdated and worn. They believe in staying with what works but wheres the originality? Im sorry if I offend but BC Rich til death.

I have never seen anyone come up with anything as wild and as evil looking as the worlock models. I mean the nickname for a guitar is an axe but so far only BC Rich guitwrs look like somthing you can take into battle, and the sound is like the very voice of Satan himself. And shame on you all to forget about Dean Guitars, They were used and endorsed by the God of Metal shreddiing himself Dimebag Darrell Abbott.

The man died on stage with one in his hands. RIP Brotger and Goddspeed. Give repect where respect is due. Reading the comments, looks like people dont like Ibanez, in my 15 years of guitar playing I have own three, all mid-lowend models in the RG series, those things are of amazing value they can take a lot of abuse and still sound great. I dare to compare them whit my SL3 jackson a guitar that costed me three times more than any Ibanez I had own, the only big difference are the pickups because other than that the built quallity is much the same and I dare to say Ibanez uses better compenets (frets, pots, switch) than Jackson.I have 12 years whit my SL3 Jackson and 12 years whit my RG7420, so far I have replaced both POTs on the jackson, the frets are really worn out and FR chrome is peeling.

Great guitar crappy components. Oh, I havent had to replace anything on the Ibanez yet other than the stock pickups for something better. Both are made in Japan =). So dont tell people that Ibanez sucks before actually owning one. Thats a major bend of opinions!

It all boils down to.the style of music that you play and what you expect out of the guitar! Is playing only a hobby or are you trying to make a living bangin that Ax?

The price of a guitar is not as important as the ability of the person strumming the strings! If your abilitys suck,and you have a expensive guitar.You Still Suck.No matter how good the guitar may be!

Visual paradigm 12 activation code. It has a big database that’s why it stores all of your information.

I have owned cheep and expensive guitars of all different brand names.some very good.some very bad.bottom line is.if Your happy with the AX,thats all that matters! Screw the Name or the Price!! I found this.

A somewhat depressing list. I own and play (all the time), a 'the paul', an ES335, a strat, one of my three teles, an El Maya (and sold my les paul after that), a few hand-made, a couple self-made.and a Givson blue diamond, made in india, bought new for 45 euros (with a hard case), and I have to say its possibly the most versatile. HSS and a zero-fret neck like the old EKOs.The right guitar has to have the right neck, well seasoned and cured wood, straight grain, resonance, the right pickups and a weight that's good for you. Take yours, whatever you have, to a luthier and get it setup right. You have to use the right strings (usually not a 'set'). You will then love and play your the comment a.

We spent over 36 hours researching and testing 15 different kinds of electric guitars and found that performance, construction, and intonation were most important. The scored high marks in all categories and is our top pick. Features that we liked include the twin open coil Humbucking pickups, the Tune-o-matic bridge/stop bar combo in the tailpiece that provides plenty of sustain.

Best Electric Guitar Brands

The double cutaway design provides access to all 22 frets and is perfect for performing solos and doing chording. The neck of the guitar is made of hard maple designed in the slim taper D profile and is bolted on.

The Best Electric Guitar Brands

Electric Guitar ReviewsIt doesn’t matter if this is your first experience with guitars in general or if you have decided to expand your guitar knowledge and skills to include the electric guitar, it is important to choose one that is good quality.To achieve this goal, you will need to learn about the features and construction of the electric guitar and understand what to look for. There are many different styles and kinds of electric guitar on the market today. Sorting through them can be a little overwhelming if this is the first one you have ever purchased.We have provided information in these reviews and the buyer’s guide that will make the whole process much less terrifying.

You will understand what you are reading in the descriptions and will be able to sort through all the choices and come up with the electric guitar that meets your needs and preferences perfectly. Get real SG tone and styling without going broke with the SG Special from Epiphone. Features include twin open-coil Humbucking pickups, a fully carved SG body and a Tune-o-matic bridge /stopbar tailpiece combo that provides maximum sustain.The beautiful double-cutaway design is perfect for chording and solos with access to all 22 frets. The hard maple neck is bolted on and features a classic SlimTaper “D” profile. This gives players rigidity and durability.

Best Electric Guitar Brands For Beginners

The 24.75” scale rosewood fingerboard is easy to use and easy on your fingers too.This SG-Special is the most affordable SG in the line-up featuring Epiphone’s patented LockTone Tune-o-matic bridge and stopbar tailpiece also make string changes easy.The volume and tone controls feature 500k potentiometers and Epiphone’s all-metal, 3-way toggle pickup selector which provides the player with dependable, rugged and long-lasting performance.In addition to all of these excellent features a combination tone/killpot control that works just like a regular tone control. Push it in and you have a temporary kill switch that will mute all output, producing Buckethead-like effects.– Darius Spieth. This metallic blue Dean Vendetta is a gorgeous instrument that any player will be proud to show off. The Paulownia body that this instrument features is becoming more and more popular in place of mahogany.The Paulownia tree is native to Japan and Southeast Asia and has been used for Asian instruments traditionally. It is a fast growing, hearty tree and is starting to become a popular guitar material here too.The sound it produces is very resonant with plenty of chime and a tight low-end as well.

The maple neck has a 24-fret rosewood fingerboard with classic dot inlays. One of the advantages of the Vendetta XM design is that you can replace the neck if you have any trouble with it on down the road.The two humbucker pickups provide plenty of bite for modern playing styles as well as a lot of low-end and midrange definition as well. The 3-way selector is standard, allowing bridge, neck or a combination and also has volume and tone controls. The sealed diecast tuners provide the player with solid tuning and mechanics that will provide a lifetime of performance that you will be proud of.– Darius Spieth.

Ibanez is a well known and highly respected brand name in electric guitars. The GRX series has everything you need for quality and precision, without the wallet-busting prices. Choosing a high quality guitar to learn on means faster learning and better playing.The sleek neck and fast action features two howling humbucker pickups, a Powersound 1 located at the neck and a Powersound 2 located at the bridge.This enables players to crank out grinding, gritty ton with no problem. The standard tremolo adds even more to the playing experience.Construction of this beautiful guitar is a GRX maple neck, Poplar body and a Rosewood fretboard with white dot inlay. The 22 medium frets and FAT-6 tremolo bridge add to the perfection of this instrument.This is an excellent guitar for the beginner that doesn’t want to start with an inferior instrument and makes a good back up or practice guitar as well for the intermediate player. The case is sold separately.– Darius Spieth. Summary of Our Top PicksAll three of these excellent choices are popular and well known guitar brands.

Each one of them has their advantages that would make them a great choice regardless of whether you are a beginner or an intermediate player.We looked at the top 15 electric guitars and considered their performance, design, durability, construction, intonation, ease in changing strings, pickup quality, and much more.These three choices we’ve featured here topped the list in all of these categories and became our top picks for a good, high quality guitar. They are not the most expensive you can find, but they have excellent quality and sound and a price you can afford too.Read our buyer’s guide below to learn even more about choosing the best electric guitar you can, whether you’re just starting out or you are looking for a practice/travel guitar that you can play on.